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10 Royal Brides Who Wore Rarely-Seen Second Wedding Dresses

by Staff

From star-studded guest lists to multi-tiered cakes, royal weddings are lavish affairs that leave their mark on history. These are events that spare no details (and money) when it comes to celebrating the nuptials of royal brides and grooms, and they’re seen as sumptuous moments that many remember for years following the big day. However, even with all the various parts that go into throwing these affairs, there is one component that steals the show at every celebration; that is, the wedding fashion.

While Princess Diana’s taffeta ball gown and Meghan Markle’s elegant Givenchy ensemble quickly gained recognition, many royal brides sported second looks that the public isn’t as privy to. Take, for example, Princess Eugenie’s rule-breaking pink dress or Kate Middletons’s satin getup with an embroidered waistband, which both made an appearance at their receptions but weren’t widely photographed. What’s more, while some royal brides changed into a new gown for their post-wedding celebration, others sported a completely different outfit for their civil ceremony.

Below are the rarely-seen second wedding dresses that royal brides wore, and they’re just as stunning as the ones we all know and love.

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