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21 Pretty Pastel Wedding Dresses Every Bride Should Consider

by Staff

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For many brides, envisioning their wedding dresses means a gown in the brightest of white or richest of ivory. But if you find yourself looking at gowns and feeling like a white hue isn’t your style, consider a gown with some color. At Brides, we love pastel wedding dresses for this occasion because they’re the perfect mix of light bridal with bold color. 

While it might seem a little strange searching for a dress that isn’t traditionally white, you should know that there are endless pastel dress options at your disposal. From dramatic ballgowns to chic slips, there’s a pastel hue for every style and wedding color palette. Even better? Pastel wedding dresses are extremely versatile—and since some of them aren’t blatantly bridal—you might be able to wear them again.

Whether you want something casual and colored or something bridal with a hint of pastel, we’ve got you covered. Peruse some of our favorite pastel wedding dresses that will make any bride feel beautiful, no white dress required. 

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