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22 Sustainably Made Wedding Dresses for the Eco-Conscious Bride

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Now more than ever, brides are looking to incorporate eco-conscious practices into their wedding day. One of the easiest, and most fashion-focused, ways for a bride to do this is by purchasing a sustainably made dress.

“Sustainability is important in every category of fashion, but it feels particularly relevant to bridalwear. If your marriage should stand the test of time, your dress should too,” shares Katherine Holmgren, co-founder and business development director of Galvan London.

Meet the Expert

Katherine Holmgren is the co-founder and business development director of Galvan London, a London-based label. Specifically, their “White Collection” offers suits, party dresses, and gowns tailored for civil ceremonies, formal nuptials, and after-parties.

When choosing your wedding dress, it’s essential to focus on the material used, in order to determine if the look is made sustainably or not. However, while fabric and material are crucial in creating an eco-friendly dress, Holmgren does point out that there’s much more to the conversation. She highlights that it’s also important to see if the brand mass-produces its pieces, leading to an abundance of excess stock.

In particular, looks from Galvan’s ‘White Collection’ are made with the idea of versatility and re-wearability in mind. “Our White Collection is mostly made to order, produced individually at local London ateliers that support the living wage, or else produced in micro-batches at our European factories,” Holmgren tells Brides. “This ensures that wastage is kept to a minimum and that our garments are made in sustainable working conditions.

Beginning your search for a sustainably-made wedding dress? Ahead, we put together 22 of our looks, all from brands that focus on sustainable, eco-friendly practices. 

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