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24 Elegant and Unique Structured Wedding Gowns

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Are you someone who pictures walking down the aisle in a dramatic, architectural-esque bridal gown? If so, your wedding dress journey will likely be filled with trying on structured looks. Structured wedding gowns generally feature some sort of boning in the bodice or a corset design—and are typically more extravagant as the dress designer has more creativity when creating this look. Even more, these silhouettes are a great option for women with bigger busts as they allow a bride to feel extra comfortable outside of the support of a bra.

Structure doesn’t just have to do with the bodice of a gown, though. Some architectural elements such as solid ruffles or three-dimensional accents also adds to the uniqueness of this style of gown. Designers such as Peter Langner, Vivienne Westwood, and Danielle Frankel are known for their unique, avant-garde style gowns that have runway-worthy structural designs.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite structured gowns – from classic styles to modern, unconventional looks. 

What to Look for in a Structured Wedding Dress

So you’ve decided you want a structured wedding dress. What’s next? Well, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind during your search for this dress style. For starters, the fabric of your gown is important to keep in mind. Materials that generally make for well-structured gowns include mikado, brocade, faille, and any other thicker fabric. With more expensive gowns, it’s not uncommon to see silk or crepe utilized as well. 

Structured wedding dresses—while stunning—have the potential to be restricting. For this reason, you’ll want to move around while trying the gown on to make sure it will be comfortable for all-day wear. Focusing on the appearance of your dress may be all-consuming, but the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable or restricted during your big day. If you choose a grand, structured gown, consider a second dress option to change into during the ceremony that might be a bit more comfortable for dancing and eating.


  • Many brides opt for a structured bodice because of its flattering and sophisticated appearance. It is rarer, though, to find brides who choose an architectural, grand structured gown. This style of dress is made to stand out, and therefore may not be as popular as they have a more unique, unconventional quality to them. 

  • Yes! A structured wedding gown generally has boning in the bodice that provides a shapely, flattering look on all brides. 

  • Structured wedding gowns are generally more formal-looking and are an excellent option for a black-tie or cocktail attire wedding. However, there are several mini and midi structured dresses that would look incredible at a beachside or casual wedding as well. 

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