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6 LGBTQ+ Wedding Dress Designers to Know

by Staff

The Designer:

After studying under Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, and later winning the fashion competition show, Project Runway, Christian Siriano went on to find his own namesake label in 2008. Following a brief hiatus in the bridal space, Siriano came back stronger than ever in 2021—releasing bridal looks that are “gender-bending” and, as Siriano puts it, made for “all different types of people—male, female, non-binary, transgender, and everyone in between.”

Additionally, the celebrity-approved designer has transcended the bridalwear space, creating wedding-inspired mattresses for Beautyrest. “I wanted our brides to have the best night’s sleep of their life before the big day! It’s something we sometimes forget about, so I designed a stunning couture feeling mattress that is elegant and comfortable. The two things I think you want on your wedding day!!”

The Christian Siriano Bride:

According to the designer, the Christian Siriano bride is a bride who feels special, elegant, and comfortable. “A lot of our brides don’t live glamorous lives, so this is their moment to feel their best self and wear their perfect dress or suit, or whatever that dream may be!” says the current Project Runway host. “We make dreams come true over here at Siriano!”

As a whole, the designer explains that the Christian Siriano brand is for all. “I don’t necessarily approach my business in any kind of specific way. I make wedding looks for people regardless of how they identify,” he says. “People are people. I’m a proud member of the [LGBTQ+] community and proud to have dressed so many in [Siriano] for their big day—and to shake up what the ‘norm’ looks like. There are no rules!”

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