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All the Ways Real Couples Are Breaking Wedding Fashion Rules

by Staff

What do you think of when you hear the words “wedding” and “fashion”? If you’re like most people, it’s probably something along the lines of white gowns and black tuxedos, but we think it’s time take those ideas and toss them aside; there are really no “rules” or “norms” around weddings anymore, and that’s especially true of big-day fashion. The motto for weddings today? Anything goes.

“One of the biggest takeaways from COVID-era weddings is that, undoubtedly, anything goes. We started to see focus shift back from an extravaganza of an event and attire to rediscovering the core of a wedding: a celebration of love,” fashion trend forecaster Kendall Becker tells Brides. “With that being said, couples were prompted to truly delve into what a ceremony and dress code looks like uniquely for them. While this situation is challenging, it really [encouraged couples] to rethink what it means to get dressed for the big day; for some, that meant opting for a more casual approach for an intimate ceremony or ditching the ball gown and ballroom combo for a style suited for a more COVID-friendly countryside celebration.”

Meet the Expert

Kendall Becker is a fashion trend forecaster, editor, and consultant.

Lately, more and more couples have been finding ways to incorporate their personal style into their celebratory wardrobes. Some are straying away from the traditional altogether, opting for a truly unique, and often colorful, look that utilizes different textiles and colors; others are even adding personal details like hand-embroidered monograms. 

For many, choosing a wedding-day look that is less traditional doesn’t seem like a stretch, but rather a welcome change of pace that feels just right for 2022. Wondering how real couples are breaking every so-called wedding fashion rule? Get inspired by our nine favorite ways below.

Get Colorful

Many brides feel pressure to wear white to every wedding event thrown in their honor, but why not swap out the traditional shade for something more playful? Grooms should not feel confined to classic black tuxedos and navy blue suits either. Instead, choose a color that matches the setting of the event or pull a wildcard and simply just have fun with your favorite shades for a look you’ll always treasure.

Secret Details

Expand your “something borrowed” into your wedding wardrobe by adding photos of your love on the inside of a suit or tuxedo jacket. Adding a custom liner gives your outfit instant personality, and, because it’s tucked away, you can choose to keep to yourself or share with everyone.

Involve the Wedding Party

Your extended wedding party can help show of your personal style, too. Why not let them have fun with a theme you love instead of wearing classic attire? Whether you choose unique colors, styles, or outfits that nod at your favorite Netflix series or music video, encouraging your bridesmaids and groomsmen to wear unexpected attire can help drive your vision home.

Make It Personal

Changing your name after the big day? Tons of couples are adding their new monikers to their wedding attire, and while this is often done on the inside of a suit jacket, the collar of a shirt, or the inner skirt of a wedding dress, there’s no reason why you have to hide it. Consider adding your last name, new monogram, or personalized crest to a piece of outerwear (like a cape or jacket) or an accessory (like a purse or hairpiece).

Embrace Change

There’s no time like the present! If one partner has a growing bump, showcase it in a short cocktail dress, reminding everyone that you have twice the reason to celebrate.

Play With Prints

Is monochrome not really your thing? Try a daring printed gown or bold suit instead. Consider a pattern featuring your favorite florals or use your wedding’s destination to inspire your look. The possibilities are endless when it comes to playing with patterns.

Take Flight With Feathers

Allow your personal style to take off in a feathered frock. Feathers immediately add whimsy and a sense of Hollywood regency to your overall look. To take an already bold look to the next level, pair your opulent gown with matching feather accessories.

Switch Up Your Suiting

A wedding suit doesn’t have to feel predictable. Switch up your suiting by using different fabric (remember that your attire doesn’t have to match anyone else’s) like linen in a lighter shade. This is an easy way to breathe fresh life into your attire.

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