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Here Are the Best Spaghetti Strap Wedding Dresses for Every Bridal Style

by Staff

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As we all know, navigating the world of wedding dresses can feel completely overwhelming. Between price points, silhouettes, embellishments, styles, lengths, and fabrics (the list goes on!), saying yes to a single dress can feel close to impossible. However, even with all the endless dress options out there, we’re here to say that your bridal fashion journey doesn’t have to be filled with moments of doubt and confusion. How? To start, our first tip is to hone in on your favorite wedding dress style. And if you know you love a good spaghetti strap top, start there then slowly sift through the other design details.

What Is a Spaghetti Strap?

A spaghetti strap is a thin shoulder strap used to support your garment and keep it in place. The delicate strap is originally named after a single piece of spaghetti-shaped pasta.  

The beauty of a spaghetti strap wedding dress is that it’s versatile and works with a wide variety of silhouettes. Regardless of its minimalist look, it works just as well with a beachy mini as it does with a full-blown ballgown.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best spaghetti strap wedding dresses in every price point, dress code, length, and fabric. 

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