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Our Favorite Wedding Style Trends from TikTok

by Staff

It’s easy to find yourself in a TikTok hole—especially if you start to look into #bridaltok. From real couples sharing their own tips and planners highlighting their gorgeous creations to wedding parties posting funny videos from the bachelorette party, there is truly an endless wealth of content to get you in the wedding mood. (Brides even has its own account you can follow, too!). Perhaps best of all, if you’re looking for some style inspiration, TikTok has you covered.

That’s right: If you want to see the latest trends in the bridal space, look no further than your FYP (that means “For You Page” for the uninitiated). Brides, bridal salons, and wedding dress designers are constantly creating new videos showing off fun and elevated fashion finds to wear to all your bridal events.

While we fully recommend scrolling through a bunch of videos to see which trends resonate with you, we know that planning a wedding eats up a lot of your free time; if you need ideas fast, we’re here to help with our rundown on the biggest style trends on the platform. Ahead, check out our favorite fashion on our TikTok FYPs.


We have had our eye on the pearl trend for a while now, and we’re loving how it’s making waves on TikTok, too. Brides are showing off all the ways they’re integrating pearls into their looks, such as unique beauty moments, fun accessories, and even pearl-covered wedding dresses.

Feather Pajamas

The feather pajama set is an absolute must-have for brides and the entire wedding party. Wear them while getting ready on the big day to instantly elevate your look. Plus, they make great gifts for your attendants and look so cute all together in a group TikTok video.

After Party Outfits

While the outfit you wear to walk down the aisle might be more classic, the after party is your time to let loose and have fun with a bold fashion moment. From sequins to feathers to short dresses to sneakers, the late-night nuptial looks all over TikTok prove that this is a great place to make a splash with style.

Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Looks

Looking for your bachelorette look? Consider going for the biggest style trend on TikTok right now: disco cowgirl. A fun mix of knee-high boots, cowboy hats, fun fringe, and plenty of sequins, this fashion look is so fun for a weekend with your besties. Want to make your looks extra special? Check out all the DIY cowboy hat videos on bridal TikTok.

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