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Sofia Richie’s Stylist Opens Up About the Inspiration Behind Her Chanel Wedding Looks

by Staff

When Sofia Richie tied the knot with Elliot Grainge in Antibes, France, on April 22, 2023, she rocked three stunning Chanel numbers that sent the internet into a frenzy. On June 21, 2023, the model’s stylist, Liat Baruch, revealed the inspiration behind Richie’s wedding looks. While appearing on the podcast Who What Wear with Hillary Kerr, Richie’s longtime friend and stylist explained that the pair worked together to achieve a certain style. “We were trying to elevate but stay young, be feminine, aspirational but also attainable—a little bit of everything while staying ageless and classic,” Baruch reveals. “And we did that. She did that, too. It was a constant dialogue and true collaboration.” 

Baruch also noted that Richie had an understanding of how she didn’t want to come across. “She was very clear on what she wanted and how she wanted to look: Not too overtly sexy, not too conservative,” the stylist shares. “She’s very good at that.” The bride likewise wanted to sport getups that were an extension of her everyday style. “And she’s very focused on how she wants to dress in terms of style and her lifestyle in general, and we were very aligned with all of that,” Baruch continues. 

In addition to considering Richie’s personal style, Baruch also took other external factors into account to nail the getups. “And the looks and the entire aesthetic of both Sofia and Elliot had to match their love, their youth, and their landscape,” she says. “They got married in the most beautiful place in the world. All that needed to tell a cohesive story, and we did do that. There were zero hiccups. It was very fun.” 

When the time came to actually choose Richie’s wedding dresses, Baruch and the bride drew inspiration from past bridal fashion shows. “For that, we pulled archival runways, and we sifted through all the past shows, and she told me what she was drawn to.” 

In the end, the bride wore three custom Chanel dresses. For her rehearsal dinner at a private estate, Richie sported a long-sleeved beaded dress with a high neck and fringe detailing. “This is like a fairy tale,” she described of the dress to Vogue. “It really is. It’s like an art piece. I feel like a princess. I really do!” For her ceremony the following day, the bride donned another beaded ensemble with a high neckline that exhibited scalloped detailing. “We created the top of that dress and made it bridal-y,” she recalled to the outlet. “It is such magic.” Richie revealed that she had always envisioned herself wearing an elaborate princess-like dress on her big day, but as her style evolved, she actually gravitated toward something more understated. 

The final look of the evening was a mini dress with a 3D floral accent in the middle of the gown, which she wore for the after-party. “This, to me, is like my little girl dream,” Richie expressed. “And the fact that it is inspired [by] Claudia Schiffer’s runway dress is iconic and dope. I can dance. I can move. I love it! It’s traditional Chanel.” 

After Richie said “I do” to Grainge, Baruch was thrilled that the fashion world responded so positively to the bride’s elegant attire. “It was pretty crazy when everybody started actually receiving our work—mine and hers—in the way that we portrayed it,” she says. “It wasn’t manipulated. It wasn’t misunderstood. They literally got what we were doing, which you can’t control when that actually hits, and it hits the zeitgeist. And that just hit.” According to the stylist, chatting about and planning Richie’s looks ahead of the wedding ended up paying off. “It was so strategic that we made Sofia feel stunning,” she summarizes.

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