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The 10 Best Silhouettes for Indian Brides

by Staff

An Indian wedding’s multiple events give the bride an opportunity to curate a really diverse wardrobe. But while classic saris and lehengas are eternal favorites, modern brides are looking for more than just fail-safe traditional looks. They aren’t afraid to experiment and they want their repertoire to reflect their personalities. As designers innovate with new-age hybrid silhouettes that are contemporary iterations of age-old styles, there is a wider gamut of options for brides to choose from. 

The reasons to love them are many—for one, they add freshness to a bride’s various looks for her wedding events. But more importantly, they marry the old with the new in a fitting reflection of the average aesthete’s glocal lifestyle. Versatility plays an important role as well. “While classic silhouettes are evergreen and safe choices, brides today are also looking for pieces they can re-wear in the future. The idea of repurposing your wedding outfits is slowly but surely being embraced,” explains wedding stylist and designer Tania Kottoor. “In fact, I designed seven looks for my wedding, all of which I have now remixed into my current wardrobe.”

Meet the Expert

Tania Kottoor is a wedding stylist and the co-founder of bespoke clothing brand WESTxEAST.

Kottoor points out the importance of comfort in present-day bridal wear, too. “Brides want to be at ease and enjoy their events without being bogged down by heavy outfits. They want to be able to dance in these, and have a good time!”

Below, we gathered 10 trending silhouettes to assist your hunt for a winning and lasting bridal trousseau. 

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