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13 Beautiful Hanging Greenery Installation Ideas for Your Wedding

by Staff

From loosely draped garlands to statement light fixtures covered in vines, simple greenery can elevate your wedding reception and ceremony decor. And, believe it or not, hanging greenery is actually an easy way to save on your wedding budget: It’s typically sold in bundles, which means you’re not paying per stem à la those pretty peonies you’ve been dreaming about. As a bonus, you’ll find that greenery—whether it’s eucalyptus, vines, or even big ol’ leaves—goes a long way when it comes to covering space, which will ultimately deliver some seriously significant cost savings to your overall floral budget.

Beyond the price tag, we’re obsessed with this wedding trend because it allows you to bring the outdoors inside. To create an indoor-outdoor feel, simply hang pretty garlands, delicate vines, or leafy branches from the ceiling of your space. You can do so with clear wire, or you can attach cut branches to existing fixtures, like the rafters in your barn or the crystal chandeliers in your ballroom. And even though you’re adding bundles of foliage to the room, you may find that your space feels larger. Why? It’s simple: The statement installation draws everyone’s attention up above.

Be sure to ask your venue coordinator about what you’re allowed to hang your greenery installations from and how much weight they can hold before you commit to your decor.

Keep scrolling for 13 examples of how to make your hanging greenery decor a cut above the rest.

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