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13 Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

by Staff

One traditional wedding ceremony detail that more and more contemporary brides are updating is the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Floral arrangements are expensive and can cause budgets to swell. Also, some brides-to-be just aren’t flower people and would rather have options that would last longer like lanterns or paper flowers. And a few are thinking of the comfort of their bridal party and how they’ll fare with the weather, for instance.

“While tradition definitely has its place, seeing couples incorporate out-of-the-box ideas into their wedding day is a welcome change of pace,” says wedding planner Jaclyn Fisher, owner of Two Little Birds Planning in Philadelphia. “Couples want their wedding to reflect their personality, and adding fresh and unique details, such as swapping bouquets for something unexpected like puppies, is the perfect way to do that.”

Don’t worry, there are tons of more affordable, fresher alternatives without using furry creatures—though we certainly encourage you to incorporate pets into your big day! Take this opportunity for your bridesmaids to carry items meaningful to you as a couple or useful to the bridesmaids, like weather-appropriate fans or winter muffs. Your bouquet alternatives could also be added design elements. Give your bridal party colorful smoke bombs for an exceptional post-ceremony photo shoot or have them hold wreaths or all-green arrangements to complement a bohemian wedding.

Here are some unique alternatives that your bridesmaids can hold—other than a fresh flower bouquet.

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