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15 Gorgeous Gardenia Bouquets

by Staff

Searching for one of the most romantic blooms to include on your wedding day? Look no further than gardenias. Gardenias are wonderfully fragrant flowers. Their sweet scent is strong and pleasant, without being too overpowering.

These beautiful white flowers love to bloom in summer. They boast layers of white petals, paired with waxy green foliage for an absolutely gorgeous look. And of course, they hold a romantic meaning, symbolizing purity, love, hope, and beauty.

Gardenias can be showcased in wedding bouquets in a wide variety of ways. They can certainly be paired with plenty of other colorful flowers to form a bouquet. But most often, they’re paired with other white flowers to create an all-white wedding bouquet. With such lovely shape and texture, they can also stand on their own in a gardenia-only bouquet.  

Think gardenias are the perfect fit for your big day? Read on for 15 gardenia bouquet ideas to inspire your own.

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