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15 Stunning Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

by Staff

If yellow isn’t one of your wedding colors (or even if it is!), the idea of a sunflower bouquet might seem like too bold of a choice for a wedding. Sunflowers are a statement flower—large, bright, and beautiful.

Because of this fact, it can sometimes seem like they will overwhelm an arrangement or draw the eye away from the bride. But if you love the flower, it’s worth giving them a second thought for your wedding. Even if you’re not convinced yet, take some inspiration from sunflower-infused bouquets from real weddings. They might just leave you asking, “Peonies, who?”

Here are 15 gorgeous examples of sunflower bouquets to inspire yours.

Feeling inspired? Explore stunning wedding color themes below. You never know—yellow may end up making more of an appearance than you had originally expected.

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