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15 Wedding Bouquet Charm Ideas for a Personal Touch

by Staff

Flowers can be incorporated into your wedding in so many different ways, but the bridal bouquet is arguably the most special piece of the night. These are the flowers that will be photographed the most in your hands, so it’s important that they complement your dress and overall look. It’s also nice if they have a more personal touch that makes them stand out, which is where wedding bouquet charms come in.

A bouquet charm or sentimental decoration can be so many different things: a small locket with a photo of loved ones, a charm with a special date on it, or even a wrap around it that means something to you (like your grandmother’s old wedding dress, for example). Bouquet charms should be subtle (you don’t want them taking attention away from the flowers), but still obvious. Other than that, there really are no rules!

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further: check out these wedding bouquet charms ideas to try yourself.

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