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16 Inspiring Tulip Wedding Bouquets for Any Season

by Staff

Eternally loved for timelessness, tulips are one of our favorite flowers for wedding bouquets. The natural elegance a tulip exudes, whether pastel, vibrant, or crisp white, lends itself to any wedding style. “When done right, you’ll never look back on a bouquet featuring beautiful delicate tulips and regret that decision,” says Kelly Lenárd of Intertwine.

“Their graceful stems and flowing petals can add dimension, movement, whimsy, elegance, drama, and old-world charm to bouquets,” shares Lenárd. From standard tulips like the Big Smile and Menton varieties to exciting Parrot Tulips, you can find them in just about any color. “Many varieties even have a painterly quality to their petals, making them blend easily with a wide array of colors.”   

Tulips are extremely versatile, with most varieties available for purchase year-round, while the more unique varieties will only be available in the spring. “Their sleek form is also a lovely juxtaposition to more intricately petaled flowers and fillers,” says Lenárd.

Each variety differs in price; work with your florist to determine what’s appropriate for your budget to get the most bang for your buck.

Add a dose of stylish fun to your bridal bouquet, and let your bridesmaids in on it too! Here are 16 tulip bouquets we absolutely love.

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