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17 Darling Daisy Bouquet Ideas for Any Wedding

by Staff

Daisies bloom from spring through early fall, making them an incredibly versatile flower. And thanks to their long season, these darling flowers are the perfect addition to wedding bouquets.

Classic daisies are small with a yellow disk in the middle and white petals all the way around. They evoke such a romantic, wildflower vibe to incorporate into any aesthetic. But that’s not the only type of daisy available. English daisies have a fuller look to them, with color options including pink, red, and white. Gerber daisies are much larger flowers, with a more muted disk in the center and longer petals. Not to mention, Gerber daisies come in many colors including yellow, orange, pink, white, and even coral. Feverfew daisies are a daintier variety, with a similar look to chamomile. And each variety offers a light scent, without being overpowering or too fragrant.

Daisies can be incorporated into wedding bouquets in so many different ways, whether they’re complementing other blooms in the overall design or stealing the show on their own. Plus, daisies will add plenty of gorgeous texture, no matter the design you choose.

Think daisies are the perfect fit for your wedding? Read on for 17 daisy bouquet ideas to inspire your own.

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