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18 Striking Tropical Wedding Bouquets

by Staff

Tying the knot under a canopy of palms, sunset pictures post-ceremony, and hibiscus cocktails are all perfect components of a tropical fête. It’s no wonder that tropical leaf wedding bouquets have stuck around the last several years: They exude effortlessly laid-back vibes only designs composed of brightly colored florals and leafy greens can. “Tropical arrangements give a more free-spirited mood to a wedding,” says florist LaParis Phillips.

So why should someone consider tropical florals for their wedding, especially when it comes to bouquets? For one, the wow factor is second to none. “Someone should consider a tropical bouquet because they are less traditional and can be super funky depending on the types of flowers that are used,” says Phillips. Out-of-the-box designs are definitely going to catch the eye of your guests, and you can actually do more with less, depending on the flowers you select.

“The best wedding style to suit a tropical bouquet is the boho theme or, the obvious: a beach wedding! There is a variety of ways to enhance the overall design with a bouquet full of vibrant colors and unique flowers. “Phalaenopsis Orchids, Birds of Paradise, and Pin Cushion Protea are all typical choices when it comes to tropical wedding bouquets. The more unique Oncidium Orchids, Heliconia, and Bromeliad are great options as well,” encourages Phillips. “Each flower brings a vibe and aesthetic on their own, and has its own assets.”

While tropical locales are known for the lush vegetation they seem to be teeming with, you don’t have to have a destination wedding in order to incorporate tropical florals into the bouquets of the day.

From a ballroom in New York to a Palm Springs resort, here are 18 reasons why tropical bouquets might need to be higher on your list of wedding musts.

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