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20 Boutonnieres Perfect for a Fall Wedding

by Staff

A fall color palette, with its rich hues and warm tones, has a large number of couples tapping it as their wedding design of choice. The boutonniere is yet another way to integrate these shades into the big day. “Boutonnieres began with a purpose (a personal potpourri to ward off smells) before they became a fashion statement,” says floral designer Jessica De Corse.

Meet the Expert

Jessica De Corse is a floral designer and creative director of Ellamah, a floral design studio based in Los Angeles.

Accent flowers can round out a fall-inspired design, from bright yellow Witch Hazel and cherry Goldenrod to vibrant Mexican sage and lavender. “You could even forgo a flower and instead, use changing color foliage such as nandina or fall eucalyptus,” says De Corse. 

“The best flowers for boutonnieres hold up well out of the water and are sturdy for all of the hugs that one will undoubtedly encounter on the wedding day,” says De Corse. Orange ranunculus, deep red phalaenopsis orchids, and garden roses in blush pink all fit the bill for appropriate choices. “Some more unique options are blueberries, eryngium, or even dried florals,” says De Corse.

Read on for 20 inspiring boutonnieres that are perfect for a fall wedding.

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