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22 Gorgeous Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets

by Staff

Hydrangeas are, and always will be, a forever favorite when it comes to wedding flowers. They’re lush and gorgeous, and a perfect option for almost any wedding style—from romantic to formal, whimsical, modern, and even rustic. In season through the summer months, hydrangeas come in a variety of hues and shapes. The standard hydrangea most people are familiar with would be white or blue, but green, pink, red, and even purple petals are some of the shades available.

Sophie Felts Floral Design, a DC-based floral design studio led by Sophie Felts, has a long history with hydrangeas. “When I was first getting started about seven years ago, I bought 40 limelight hydrangea plants from a farmer who was selling him, and planted them in my backyard,” says Felts. “They’ve grown to be quite massive, and we cut from those plants for almost all of our summer weddings.”

“Hydrangea is a perfect fit for the tailored, classic bride,” Felts shares. “Since they are so full and round, they really lend themselves to that style of design.” While historically known for their more preppy design look, artfully arranged for many a traditional wedding, recent design trends of all sorts have embraced the round statement-makers. 

Typically best suited for centerpieces, Felts explains that hydrangeas can be tricky in bouquets since they need a lot of water and will wilt if they are out of water for more than a few hours. There are a few particular varieties, such as Dutch Hydrangeas, that will never fail to impress due to their large hardy stems.

Read on for 22 hydrangea wedding bouquet ideas for brides and bridesmaids.

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