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23 Beautiful Lily of the Valley Wedding Bouquets

by Staff

Timeless and dearly beloved, Lily of the Valley is perhaps the ultimate wedding flower when it comes to the traditional bride. Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly both carried Lily of the Valley bouquets, and as two of the most iconic brides in the last century, we can’t help but wonder: How does a simple bloom make such a statement?  

“Lily of the Valley is the perfect choice for anyone looking for classic, timeless, and chic style; it has an effortless quality that is really wonderful,” says expert Matthew Robbins. “I find that Lily of the Valley works well for a bride who wants the focus on the fashion and the overall vibe rather than the flowers. It is understated but always luxurious.”

Meet the Expert

Matthew Robbins is the founder and creative director of Matthew Robbins Design, a wedding and event planning firm based in New York. Alongside partner and executive director Luis Otoya, Robbins also founded Robbins Otoya, a division of Matthew Robbins Design focused on destination events.

The naturally petite profile of Lily of the Valley can still serve as the focal point of a show-stopping design. A small bouquet of Lily of the Valley is typically around $500, and larger bouquets can be as much as $1200. “Remember: They are insanely small so you need lots of them to make it look like something substantial,” says Robbins.

Read on for 23 stunning Lily of the Valley wedding bouquets.

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