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27 Wildflower Bouquets For A One-Of-A-Kind Bride

by Staff

Confession time: We have a bit of a wild side. At least when it comes to bouquets, that is. Roses and peonies are beautiful, of course, but there’s something undeniably magical to be found in the unruly mess of a freshly picked arrangement of wildflowers; you never know what you’re going to get, ensuring that every bouquet—including yours—is one of a kind.

Whimsical and natural, they’re perfect for a bohemian, country, or garden wedding, but will work some dreaminess at pretty much any style wedding. Lacking structure, but making up for it in a rainbow of colors, their diversity leads to unexpected and effortless combinations that we just can’t stop fawning over. Sunshine daisies, red poppies, light lavender, purple vervain, blue cornflowers, white chicory—you seriously can’t go wrong with any of them. For an even wilder touch, pair them with herbs, grains, and grasses—think wheat, sprigs of rosemary, or pampas grass and bulrushes.

If you don’t want these blooming beauties to take over your whole bouquet, they also make for great filler or accent pieces. Fan them around a large king protea flower for an indie feel, or intersperse them among more traditional flowers for a unique touch. You’ll still achieve that lush look, and with a budget-friendly price tag to boot.

There really is no better botanical vision than a carefree, tousled, and spirited bouquet that looks like it was plucked straight out of a meadow or countryside field. Don’t believe us? Take a scroll through these wild beauties.

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