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32 Impossibly Pretty Rose Bouquets

by Staff

Everything’s coming up roses—and we aren’t even mad about it. Poor old roses often get a reputation for being a cheesy, too traditional choice when it comes to wedding flowers. But these blooms are many a bride’s go-to for a reason: First, they’re absolutely gorgeous. (Obviously, right?) Plus, don’t let the flower’s classic status fool you. There are countless ways to rock a rose bouquet that are fresh, modern, and entirely unique.

A bouquet should always reflect the person carrying it, and from large, lush garden roses to the delicate spray variety, there’s a rose out there for every kind of bride—trust. For classic brides, there’s no going wrong with the standard red or white rose. A symbol of passionate love and purity, they’re perfect for weddings (especially those that fall around Valentine’s Day). And with flowing ribbons, leafy greens, or an oversized, overflowing, cascading bouquet, this traditional look can truly be one of a kind.

Garden roses in creamy, soft pastel hues tote an unmistakable feminine vibe for romantic and elegant brides, who can mix in a bundle of greenery to give the bouquet a more natural appearance. But don’t think that rosy blooms are all dainty blushes and off-whites.

Boho brides can also incorporate roses into their wedding mix by layering loose flowers in dreamy, dark shades, unexpected touches such as succulents, and trailing greenery in a hand-gathered arrangement for a surprisingly sultry result.

With so many stunning colors, shapes, and unexpected textures, there is so much rosy room for creativity with this flower. To prove that there are still tons of exciting ways to include roses in your bridal bouquet, we found 32 of our favorite mixed arrangements.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to stop and smell the roses. Browse below to see our fave rose wedding bouquets.

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