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34 Lush Bridesmaid Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

by Staff

When it comes to wedding flowers, brides spend most of their time fretting about their own bouquets, and with good reason—they can totally distract or add to your bridal look. But the same is true of bridesmaid bouquets. The right combination will give something extra to your ‘maids’ bridal party style. While they may not steal the stage of the floral show at the wedding, these bouquets should be just as gorgeous as the bridal bouquet that inspired them!

Thankfully, bouquets have come a long way from the matchy-matchy bundle of roses that bridesmaids used to carry down the aisle. While the classic rose—or peony or hydrangeas—haven’t gone out of style, they’re now being mixed with other elements to create unique looks. Think plenty of greenery or unexpected flowers like king protea, wildflowers, or succulents. Even without your classic flowers, these elements are standing on their own for some seriously creative bouquets.

Skip flowers altogether. That’s right. You don’t need flowers for your bouquet. Banana leaves for a tropical wedding or bushels of evergreen for a winter wedding make a statement all on their own.

From the delicate and dainty to the lush and large, these stunning bridesmaid bouquets offer a bit of floral inspiration. With these beauties in hand, you and your bridesmaids will be serious squad goals.

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