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A Guide to Rose Color Meanings

by Staff

When it comes time to choose your wedding flowers, it can seem like the options are truly endless. From long-stemmed bouquets and unique single-stem options to carrying lush bouquets featuring plenty of colors and exciting texture, there’s truly a fit for everyone. Not to mention, the floral decisions you’ll get to make when it comes to centerpieces and even altar decorations, too. Bottom line: Flowers play a major role in setting the tone and infusing personality into your wedding ceremony and reception.

While popular wedding blooms such as peonies, ranunculus, and lily of the valley are lovely choices, there’s one flower that exudes beauty and has held the meaning of romance for centuries. Enter: roses.

“Farm-grown garden roses have individuality, as no two blooms are the same,” says Gracie Poulson, owner of Grace Rose Farm. “The ‘garden grown’ look is so popular for weddings, and nothing could be more perfect than field-grown fragrant garden roses.”

Meet the Expert

Gracie Poulson is the owner and grower behind Grace Rose Farm, a garden rose farm based in Somis, California.

Whether you’re choosing garden roses or you’re opting for traditional roses, these pretty blooms hold meaning. Roses are the original romantic flower symbolizing love. But their meanings go much further than that. From white and yellow to pink and red, each color of rose holds its own distinct meaning, allowing you to incorporate even more significance into your wedding day bloom choices.

Curious what colors of roses you should consider integrating into your big day? Read on for a guide to rose color meanings.

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