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A Guide to Using Trader Joe’s Flowers for Your Wedding

by Staff

Anyone who is in the wedding planning process knows that flowers are typically an important (and pricey!) part of this romantic day. Some couples will choose to hire a florist and let them take the reigns with floral design. Other couples may want to be more involved with the process, specifying what types of flowers they’d like to see in bouquets and arrangements. And other couples may decide to go the DIY route and create all their floral arrangements and décor themselves. If you fall into that last category Trader Joe’s could be the perfect place to source your wedding flowers.

While this popular line of grocery stores (with locations all over the U.S.) doesn’t offer wedding flower services, they do have a very impressive floral department that gets a refresh every single day. That’s right—Trader Joe’s restocks its floral section daily, with fresh, straight-from-the-source blooms. So whether you’re handling all the flower arranging for your wedding or you ask your florist to source flowers from this store, Trader Joe’s flowers can be a wonderful resource for those planning their wedding flower designs.

Below, find all the details about what you need to know when using Trader Joe’s flowers for your wedding day.

What to Know About the Trader Joe’s Floral Department

Every Trader Joe’s store across the U.S. (use this tool to find the location nearest to you) has a floral section. This section—and the selection—will definitely vary depending on your local store, but each store restocks its flowers, greenery, and plants every single day. If you’re hoping to use seasonal flowers, just ask a member of the Trader Joe’s team who works in the floral department and they can point you in the right direction. However, keep in mind that the store’s floral department does not make bespoke arrangements for customers.

Once you’re at the store, you’ll notice that there are a lot of options in terms of arrangements—most store locations will have seasonal bouquets, bouquets consisting of all one type of flower, bunches of filler flowers, bunches of greenery, and individual stems.

Make sure to ask someone from the floral department about providing a bucket of water (or several!) for you to use while you transport the flowers to your wedding venue.

The Cost of Trader Joe’s Flowers

There are a few things that make Trader Joe’s flowers really appealing–and one of those things is the wallet-friendly cost. Because the brand purchases flowers in bulk directly from growers, the prices are much lower than what you would find in boutique flower shops and other major grocery stores. You can find bunches of flowers for as low as $3.99. That’s pretty hard to beat!

Ordering Trader Joe’s Flowers In-Store

Because Trader Joe’s doesn’t have a dedicated wedding flower service, you can’t really order flowers in bulk in the store. But, because they stock new flowers every single day—if you go right when your local store opens, you’ll have the best chance of getting as many flowers (and the freshest ones!) as possible. Also feel free to ask someone in the floral department about when certain types of flowers will be come in; they might be able to give you advance-notice about what blooms they have coming that week.

Ordering Trader Joe’s Flowers Online

At the time of publishing this article, you cannot order Trader Joe’s flowers online. You are, however, able to see some of the most popular types of flowers and plants available in stores (and then you can add that to your digital shopping list to print), but you cannot order the flowers online for pickup or delivery.

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