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An Easy DIY Flower Crown Tutorial That Even Non-Boho Brides Will Love

by Staff

Using her experiences as both a newlywed and author, Christy Meisner Doramus dreamed up her book Flower Crowns: 30 Enchanting DIY Floral Creations, the first do-it-yourself guide of its kind detailing the steps to create gorgeous floral crowns for any occasion. Ahead, she shares her top tips for pulling off the perfect DIY flower crown for your upcoming nuptials—plus, an exclusive tutorial that you won’t want to miss.

Three Things to Know About Flower Crowns

You Just Need Two Things to Pull off a Flower Crown

“All you need is confidence and a huge smile. It is as simple as that,” Doramus says. “If you aren’t comfortable wearing an oversized flower crown on your wedding day, go with something small and dainty that is comfortable to wear, yet will still make a big impact on your overall look.”

Nearly Any Hairstyle Works With a Flower Crown

“Larger flower crowns often look better when hair is worn down, but it really depends on your personal style and face shape,” she says. “But braids and crowns are my absolute favorite combination. Crown braids, fishtail braids, side braids—they all look amazing when paired with flower crowns.”

Yes, Non-Boho Brides Can Rock One Too

“Lily of the valley is a great option for a classic bride,” Doramus says. “Also, instead of wearing the flowers to the front of your head, you can wear them in the back for a more sophisticated look. If you are still uncertain if a crown will go with your non-boho dress, you can simply wear a gorgeous white flower such as a gardenia in your hair, which can still make an impact.”

Meet the Expert

Newlywed and author Christy Meisner Doramus created “Flower Crowns: 30 Enchanting DIY Floral Creations,” a DIY guide with all the tips you’ll need to create gorgeous floral crowns.

How to Create Your Own Flower Crown

What you will need: Assorted seasonal greenery and flowers (ranunculus, Japanese ranunculus, and garden roses), 25 to 30 inches of moss-covered florist wire, scissors or garden shears, florist wire, and a roll of florist tape.

Step 1: Begin by cutting each of your flower and greenery stems about two to three inches long to make a pile of sprigs that will be woven into your flower crown.

Step 2: Measure the moss-covered florist wire to fit around your head and secure it in a circle by twisting the ends around each other. This piece will serve as the base of your crown.

Step 3: Attach the first sprig to the moss-covered florist wire with florist wire by wrapping the two together.

Step 4: Cover the florist wire with florist tape and wrap it around the first piece, leaving extra tape at the end to begin securing additional sprigs. Tip: The florist tape will stick together very easily so when you need a new piece, simply wrap it around the initial piece.

Step 5: Gather one to three additional sprigs of assorted flowers and greenery. Pinch them together and add to the growing strand by securing them to the moss-covered wire with florist tape.

Step 6: Continue building your crown by adding flowers and greenery in small bundles while using your florist tape to wrap them around the growing strand.

Step 7: Once you have reached the desired length and design of your crown, proceed to clip the remaining stems so that they are even.

Step 8: To create an even look on both ends of the crown, you can use a piece of greenery identical to the one you began with and turn it the opposite way, wrapping it to the end with florist tape to cover the ends of the stems.

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