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Our Favorite Single-Variety Floral Centerpieces for Your Wedding

by Staff

Planning the floral centerpieces for your wedding day reception tables can feel overwhelming, as there are so many directions you can go in. Centerpiece design ideas can match any wedding style, from elegant, romantic tablescapes to colorful tropical themes or bold boho styles. And while floral designs full of variation certainly have their own appeal, some couples may be looking for an option that focuses on just one type of bloom. Enter: Single-variety floral centerpieces.

This intentionally simplistic look embraces a less-is-more approach, and depending on the type of flower, it may even help to lower your floral budget. A pared-down centerpiece that highlights one specific type of flower, you can choose to display these arrangements either in abundance, to make a statement, or by taking a more minimalistic approach with just a few stems.

Below, find 20 of our favorite single-variety floral centerpiece ideas to inspire the décor for your wedding.

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