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Silk Flower Arrangements: Everything to Know

by Staff

Wedding flowers infuse color, texture, and personality into so many aspects of your big day. From choosing your bridal bouquet to table arrangements, the choices can be seemingly endless. But one option you may not be considering yet? Silk flowers.

Silk flowers are a stunning choice for the couple looking for a more sustainable option. While they are artificial versions of natural flowers, silk flowers look entirely real. “You can find just about any flower variety in the silk or artificial form,” says Lauren Bercier and Laken Swan, founders of Something Borrowed Blooms. “The key to choosing the best silk flowers is ensuring the silk version closely mimics what would be found in nature.” Another bonus? You’ll have the option to keep your bouquet or a table centerpiece from your wedding as a memento for years to come.

Think silk flower arrangements might be the best fit for your wedding day? Read on for everything you need to know about these pretty blooms.

Silk Flowers vs. Real Flowers

Worried a silk flower arrangement won’t look even close to as beautiful as one created with real flowers? Silk flowers can be stunning, and they come with a long list of other benefits. For many couples, the main incentive may be the savings on your budget. “Cost savings are generally the biggest benefit when it comes to choosing silk over fresh,” says Bercier and Swan. “Silk flowers are always in season, which means prices are stable and more predictable.”

For even further cost savings, couples have the option to rent their silk flowers, rather than purchasing.

Choosing silk wedding flowers ahead of time will also come with the added benefit of seeing your bouquet or centerpiece arrangements before your big day. “You’re able to see exactly what you’ll walk down the aisle with on your wedding day, so there are no day-of surprises due to floral shortages or quality issues,” says Bercier and Swan. “That’s a huge advantage for [couples] that are highly visual or want the peace of mind of knowing what they’ll receive.”

Real flowers, unfortunately, have a shelf-life and will typically be thrown away after your wedding day. But silk flowers? Those will never wilt. Silk flowers provide a sustainable option, whether you’re hoping to keep your bouquet for years to come, or you opt for a rent and return program. Either way, those flowers can be repurposed multiple times.

Cost of Silk Flowers

Choosing fresh wedding flowers will always come with a wide range of costs. Because wedding blooms depend on seasonality and type of flower, the price can certainly fluctuate from month to month. But that isn’t necessarily the case with silk flowers.

“On average, we save couples over 70 percent with our silk rent and return florals compared to fresh florists,” says Bercier and Swan. “Our costs are fully transparent and consistent from season to season, no matter where or when you tie the knot.” Many couples may spend thousands of dollars on fresh flowers for their wedding. Silk flowers can offer significant cost savings, with total a spending of around $500.

Where to Buy Silk Flowers

The key to utilizing silk flowers for your wedding is to source them from a reputable retailer. Silk flowers carried down the aisle are not the same as the typical synthetic flowers you’ll find at a craft store. “Quality of silks vary greatly from retailer to retailer. One will likely trick the eye, while the other will probably stand out as being artificial,” says Bercier and Swan. Consider a specialized retailer, or look at major premium retailers such as Pottery Barn or Front Gate to get started.

Ways to Use Silk Flowers

Celebrate Spring

Hoping for stunning springtime blooms? Silk roses, peonies, hellebores, ranunculus, and ferns work together to create a gorgeous, textured bouquet.

Capture Small Details

Don’t forget about the small details! Your photographer will be thrilled to have flowers to include in a flat-lay photo with your invitation and other items from the day. Of course, silk florals can also be used to create a stunning boutonniere.

Channel a Boho Vibe

Channel a romantic, boho look with the mixture of roses and ranunculus paired with a touch of textured pampas grass and willows. We love the warm vibes this silk flower arrangement gives off.

Carry a Lush Bouquet

Think silk flowers will fall flat? Think again. This bouquet is made up of white peonies, hydrangeas, and ranunculus for a classic bridal option.

Spruce Up Your Altar

Create an elegant altar with the addition of beautiful blooms. These gold potted arrangements featured soft hues from roses and orchids for a lovely look.

Decorate Your Cake

Silk flowers aren’t just for bouquets and arrangements. They’re perfect for dressing up a cake as well! Add a punchy pop of color with silk bougainvillea for a bold statement.


  • A wide variety of silk flowers that mimic real flowers are available. Everything from popular wedding options such as peonies, roses, ranunculus, hydrangeas, and even anemones can be found in silk form. Silk greenery options such as eucalyptus and ferns are available as well.

  • Whether you’re planning a beachfront ceremony or a boho party, silk flowers will still fit the bill. You can opt to put together a silk flower package that includes a bridal bouquet, bridal party bouquets, and even flower arrangements for a traditional reception. Planning an elopement or destination wedding instead? Silk flowers are a great option for other types of weddings as well.

  • Absolutely! There are no rules when it comes to finding the best fit for you. “We have many customers mix fresh and silk flowers and the outcome is great,” says Bercier and Swan. “With proper coordination fresh and silk flowers can complement one another perfectly.”

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