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The Top Bridal Bouquet Trends for 2023 Weddings

by Staff

Flower trends for weddings often change up each year as certain blooms become favorites amongst the wedding industry and couples tying the knot. In 2022, we saw plenty of bright and bold florals, along with a major embrace of baby’s breath. If you are curious what the 2023 wedding bouquet trends are, be prepared to see a more reserved approach to the floral designs that brides, bridesmaids, and other spouses-to-be will carry down the aisle.

“For a while, large boho bouquets were the hot ticket item. This year, the popular thing to do is trend down in size when it comes to your bouquet,” shares Erice McNeff, owner and lead designer of Everbloom. “Both for bridesmaids and bridal bouquets, the concept with this style is to treat your bouquet like an accessory to your overall look, rather than allow it to be its own statement. I think this trend photographs well and creates a very sophisticated and stylish look for your bridal party.”

Meet the Expert

  • Erice McNeff is the owner, operator, and lead designer of Southern California-based Everbloom.
  • Floral and event designer Maxine Owens is the founder of Max Owens Design.
  • Meredith Daufenbach is the studio manager and Monica Delgado is the owner and creative director of Simple Florals.
  • Marta Knudson is the creative director of Sophie Felts Floral Design.

While there might be a more minimalist approach to wedding bouquets trends in 2023, there is still no shortage of creativity within these designs. Ahead, we chatted with top wedding floral designers to give their insights into some of the popular bridal bouquet trends this year.

Small Bouquets

“Bouquets are trending on the smaller size, for both brides and bridesmaids,” says Maxine Owens of Max Owens Design. “Bridal bouquets are smaller in scale, enabling the gown to be more visible and prominent in photos. We’re seeing bridesmaid bouquets as more as an accent, as opposed to a statement, often like a posey in size.” Monica Delgado and Meredith Daufenbach of Simple Florals agree and add, “We’ve been focused on smaller bouquets with a wow floral such as a large peony.”

Minimal Greenery

While bouquets of years past were filled with greenery accents, those beautiful organically shaped designs will be a little less verdant in 2023. “We’re seeing bouquets with minimal to no greenery as filler,” notes Owens. “Texture and movement are still visible, but designers are utilizing colored foliage or smaller blooms as accents.”

Mono-Bloom Bouquets

“For both bridesmaids and bridal bouquets, I’m getting a lot of requests for mono-bloom bouquets consisting of just one flower type,” says McNeff. “It’s an easy way to create a simplistic and streamlined look among your bridal party and the concept lends itself very well to a modern design aesthetic which is so popular right now. Owens says this single bloom bouquet trend is often done with hellebore, sweet pea, small garden roses, and lily of the valley. Marta Knudson, creative director of Sophie Felts Floral Design, adds that she sees brides choosing larger designs and requesting wedding parties hold “single single variety or monotone bouquets that uniquely compliment the bride.”

Cascading Drip Bouquets

“Brides are leaning into asymmetrical, sculptural styles with lots of movement and texture for their bouquets,” explains Knudson. “We’ve seen many requests for bouquets with a drip,” note Delgado and Daufenbach. “It’s a fresh take of a classic cascade, but with a modern twist. For example, the drip can be made with hanging Amaranthus or similar. Many requests in Miami ask for tropical elements, specifically Anthuriums.”

Dusty Blue Hues

“As far as colors go, we’ve seen dusty blue have come back. It’s been requested so many times that it’s definitely very popular for so many of the events,” share Delgado and Daufenbach. “Usually, it’s added as a pop or an enhancement to an existing color palette—especially neutral ones.”

Wrapped Bouquets

One final trend you’ll see this year is a wrapped wedding bouquet. Beautiful ribbon can help brides tie in their blooms with their wedding’s palette and add a whimsical elegance to their already stunning collection of stems.

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