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10 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Brides With Locs

by Staff

Since your wedding day is an opportunity to showcase your personal style, identity, and love story, there’s no better way to capture your true essence than by embracing your natural hair. From braiding to coiling, you can style your real tresses in so many beautiful ways, and one popular option that has a rich cultural history is locs.

For brides with locs, specifically, the hairstyle options for your big day are truly endless. You can pile them into an elegant updo, pull them into a high ponytail, or simply wear them down. You can also add extensions to lengthen your locs or include an ounce of glitter by accessorizing with a beaded hairpin or a bejeweled headpiece.

To choose the right look for your nuptials, hairstylist Krystal Anne of Arrojo Studio recommends starting by doing your research and paying attention to styles you like. Then, when finalizing your hairdo, she suggests double-checking that your hairstyle will work with your veil—if you’re wearing one—and opting for comfort since locs can easily weigh you down. Finally, do a trial before your big day to make sure it’s up to par. And leading up to the celebration, Krystal advises keeping your mane moisturized with the right products, such as Arrojo Cream Whip for a leave-in conditioner, Arrojo Pomade to tighten your locs, and Arrojo Healing Oil to restore your natural oils without looking greasy.

Meet the Expert

Krystal Anne is a colorist and texture specialist at Arrojo Studio located in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood.

Wondering how to style your locs for your special day? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ideas from real brides. Read on for 10 gorgeous wedding hairstyles for brides with locs.

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