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10 Top Bridal Beauty Trends for 2023

by Staff

Want to know the bridal beauty trends in 2023? Expect brides (and grooms!) to embrace more natural looks with a beautiful healthy glow. “Fresh-faced and glowy is the name of the game,” shares Katherine McCall of Face Time Beauty. “The rise of healthy skin and clean, serum-based foundations has our brides looking for light skin coverage with a glowy finish.” Wedding beauty trends are mirroring the times with an emphasis on skincare and letting natural beauty shine through. A common phrase we hear real brides say is they want to look to look like an elevated version of themselves as they exchange their vows.

Of course, those elevated looks can come with a little extra color and shine. Pretty soft pink hues and gold tones are popular choices to add an extra pop to cheeks, lips, and eyes. And, when it comes to hair, brides are adorning their locks with beautiful accessories to add some sparkle to their hairstyles.

Meet the Expert

  • Katherine McCall is the event coordinator of Face Time Beauty, a collective of 28 hair and makeup artists.
  • Makeup artist Mali Thomas is the founder of Mali Magic and a global artist in residence for Bobbi Brown.
  • Cassandra Garcia is a professional makeup artist and global makeup artist for Bobbi Brown.

Want to know all the top bridal beauty trends of 2023? Ahead, we chat with expert hair and makeup artists to give us insights into the most popular looks this year.

Makeup Looks

The overall makeup trend for 2023 brides? A beautiful glowy look that can take you from walking down the aisle to your first dance. “This year, I anticipate a lot of brides embracing the ‘cloud skin trend,’ which is basically soft velvety skin,” says makeup artist Mali Thomas. “I’ve stayed true to my don’t follow trends rule for years, but who doesn’t want blurred smooth skin that will have all the heads turning when you walk down the aisle?! This versatile technique is a perfect balance of radiant and matte skin which will offer dewy skin fanatics a great alternative for all day wear.”

“Cheeks will also be huge this year,” continues Thomas. “Expect to see vibrant shades, like a pastel pink, as well as bolder blushes, such as a chocolate cherry. Cream blushes are great for wedding makeup because they’re incredibility versatile and give skin a fresh and healthy finish.” Makeup artist Cassandra Garcia agrees. “This season I saw a touch of pink—fresh and flushed with a touch of pink even on the eyes,” she says. “Very soft and defined, yet fresh and pretty.”


As brides are creating that base for their skin, makeup artists agree that contour is taking a more natural approach in 2023. “We are seeing very light, natural contouring if any, these days,” says McCall. “We appreciate a little light contour to help shape and enhance what features a bride already has.” To create this look, Garcia suggests to “try using a matte bronzer for a softer application.”


The glowing bridal beauty look is also translating to bridal eyeshadow trends. “Many of our brides aren’t wearing makeup on the day-to-day, so we keep the eyeshadow subtle and neutral,” notes McCall. “Champagnes, bronzes, and golds are our best friends for keeping the look subtle but special for the wedding day.”


“We have found ourselves in the sweet spot between the thick brows trend of a few years ago and the ‘90s thin brows. We are working with what we have and are playing up the natural brow,” notes McCall. The best way to style them for your wedding day? “Eyebrows are staying balanced and brushed up. Using a brow gel is great to keep them up and strong throughout the day,” advises Garcia.

Lip Color

Bridal lips in 2023 are pretty in pink with a hint of gloss. “A soft pink is always lovely,” shares Garcia. She notes, “A pink for you may not be the same pink as someone else. We used Bare Pink Extra Lip Tint to create the perfect custom color for each bride. This way the lips are plump and have a glazed finish with a touch of pink.” As for the formula of your lip hue, McCall adds, “Brides are opting for more shine and sheerer coverage on their lips. A gloss is perfect because it is often more moisturizing than your standard lipstick, and it looks great in photos. Keep a gloss on hand for touchups throughout the night.”

Skin Care

While makeup is always a helpful tool in creating a beautiful look for your wedding day, makeup artists emphasize that we have moved into an era focused on skin care. Working on finding the best routine for your skin is the best way to create a beautiful foundation for your wedding look. Garcia says, “Finding the perfect balance of skin care for your skin type is key that way you keep the skin cushioned and moisturized but not overly wet.” One of the biggest trends in pre-wedding skin care prep? Hydrafacials. Both real brides and grooms at have been sharing how this facial treatment transforms their skin right before the big day. “Hydrafacials are our savior! We recommend them for all to help exfoliate and hydrate skin ahead of the wedding day,” says McCall. “Makeup is only as good as the skin underneath!”

Statement Hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles this year, McCall has two words for brides looking for inspo: “Party pony. We are seeing a lot of elevated, glam ponytails from our brides,” she says. “Keep it sleek and straight, or throw in some waves and extensions to add volume and length to your pony.”

Hair Accessories

Looking to adorn your hair with something more than a veil? Decorating your locks with pearls is a major trend, according to McCall. She also says brides using a vintage hair pin or clip is a popular something borrowed choice right now. “Ask your hairstylist how they can incorporate your special item into your desired style,” she says. “We love to see a vintage pin stuck into a sleek bun or on the side of deep-parted, soft, down waves.”


Getting your pre-wedding manicure? Keep it classic and light in 2023. “For nails, we are seeing natural nudes and pinks,” notes McCall. “We are also loving the resurgence of the natural French manicure trend. Brides don’t want to clash or distract from their gown or flowers, so these are both great neutral options.”

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