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14 Wedding Makeup Ideas for Indian Brides

by Staff

Think back to all the clichés in your mind about the quintessential Indian bride—and then toss them all away. The modern Indian bride is not one you can bind by preconceived notions: Well-traveled, forward-thinking, and global in her mindset, her bridal choices are dictated by her personality and not conventions. This goes for her big day’s beauty looks as well. 

“Indian bridal makeup has changed a lot from the standard liner and red-lip formula. It has been a beautiful transition to witness,” explains premiere Indian makeup artist Namrata Soni. “Today, there is no right or wrong, just the look that works best for you. What I do tell my brides is to remember that your wedding photos will last a lifetime. So don’t just emulate trends to jump on a bandwagon. Understand what suits you and stick to it.”

Meet the Expert

  • Namrata Soni is one of India’s top celebrity and bridal makeup artists. 

Soni believes that your bridal makeup shouldn’t change how you look naturally, rather just elevate your features. “It’s important to be yourself. Don’t cake up so much that you are ultimately unrecognizable,” she adds. 

Ahead, we spotlight our favorite makeup ideas for the Indian bride-to-be. 

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