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20 Chic Side-Bun Hairstyles for Your Wedding

by Staff

A side bun is the ultimate chic updo for any and every kind of wedding. It’s an elegant, classic bridal hairstyle that perfectly frames the face while keeping your hair up and out of the way from the start of the ceremony to the end of the reception. 

One of the perks of choosing a side-bun hairstyle for your wedding is that it’s completely customizable to your style. Depending on the part, the looseness or tightness of the bun, or your hair’s texture, it can look effortlessly messy or perfectly polished. It’s a timeless style that will look as good in photos today as it will 20 years from now. When it comes to wedding updos, the side bun strikes the perfect balance between classy and trendy, romantic and sexy, and undone and refined. 

So how do you narrow down which style of side bun is the right choice for your wedding day? Below, we have all the side-bun inspiration you need to feel confident in your bridal beauty updo. Scroll down to see 20 chic and sophisticated side-bun hairstyles for your wedding.

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