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20 Ways to Style Straight Hair for Your Wedding

by Staff

Everyone wants what they can’t have, which is why brides with straight hair often have trouble when it comes to deciding what they’re going to do with their hair on the big day. Bridal hair is synonymous with curls, from bombshell waves to half-up, half-down ‘dos, but straight-haired brides are all too familiar with spending hours curling, setting, and spraying their curls just for them to fall within an hour.

The solution? Embrace your natural tresses on your wedding day to ensure you end up with a look you love, and that looks like you. Straight styles can be equally as elegant as the tight curls and loose waves commonly seen in popular bridal hairstyles. You can wear straight hair down, up, or in braids to show off the highlights and dimensions in your hair color. Straight wedding hairstyles can be glamorous and chic, or effortlessly laidback and low-key. Whatever look you’re going for on your big day, there’s a straight wedding hairstyle to match.

Looking for straight wedding hairstyle inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Below, check out 20 of our favorite straight wedding hairstyles from real brides.

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