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23 Effortless Side Hairstyles for Your Wedding

by Staff

You’ve searched for the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day for months and even have hundreds of inspiration photos saved on Pinterest and Instagram. But perhaps you haven’t nailed down your style yet. If you’re still deciding on the best hairstyle for your special day, consider an effortless side hairstyle. Not only are these styles simple, but they look elegant and playful, too.

We know that some side hairstyles look extra formal, but not all side hairstyles are the same. “It’s really about keeping it looking effortless in my opinion,” celebrity stylist Juan Carlos Maciques says.

According to Maciques, the more done up the style looks, the more unappealing it is to the eye. “Hair needs movement for it to look young and fresh,” he notes. 

From braids to glamorous curls, there’s a ‘do for every bride. Ahead, see our favorite 23 side hairstyles for your wedding.

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