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26 Wedding Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

by Staff

The doors open, the people stand, and the music plays as you make your way down the aisle to marry the one you’ve always dreamed of. Everyone is looking at you—your dress, your veil, and underneath it, your smile—but your eyes are locked at your partner standing at the end of the aisle, ready to take your hand as you walk together into this new phase of life, together, forever.

It’s there at the altar that your partner will stare into your eyes as they recite the vows that will bond them to you for the rest of your lives in all the most beautiful ways. So while yes, your dress is an important part of your bridal look, it’s not what your partner will be seeing when they say “I do.”

This is why your wedding makeup look is an important consideration on the big day. You can go for a more natural, fresh-faced look, or something more dramatic, like a deep smokey eye. But if you’re not sure what look you want, your eye color is a great place to start looking for inspiration. Different shades of eyeshadow complement different eye colors, and a makeup artist can help select shades that are flattering for your eye color and skin tone.

“Playing up your specific eye color on your wedding day will make a huge difference in not only your entire makeup look but your photos as well,” says makeup artist Kristen Fortier. “The best way to ensure you are choosing the right colors for green eyes is to use a color wheel and work with shades opposite of green. Colors like warm-toned shades, reds, pinks, copper, bronze, and purple hues are key.”

Meet the Expert

Kristen Fortier is a professional makeup artist and product innovation lead at Crunchi, a line of high-performance clean cosmetics.

For some green-eyed bridal inspo, we’ve rounded up 26 wedding eye makeup looks from stunning real brides.

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