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27 Stunning Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Lobs

by Staff

Tying the knot doesn’t mean you have to feel pressured to grow out your lob in exchange for long locks. We’ve seen plenty of trendy haircuts come and go, but the lob has proved its staying power. Celebrities on the red carpet have shown time and time again that the Goldilocks hairstyle (not too long, not too short, but juuust right) offers enough length to pull it back into a ponytail, whip it up into a bun, or weave it into a braid. “Hello, Kourtney Kardashian’s Oscar’s sleeked-back gel look,” says hairstylist Jamie Nelson. “I hope to see that style on some brides this year!”

Meet the Expert

  • Jamie Nelson is a bridal hair and full makeover master with over 16 years of experience in the industry. She is the owner of Boulder, Colorado–based Ember Salon and Ember Hairstream.

When it comes to your wedding day look, the lob’s versatility really knows no bounds, so you never have to give up the flattering style you’ve come to know and love. “We are noticing that super-long bridal hair is not so desired right now,” says Nelson. “As a stylist, we love playing with longer hair, but for the overall vision (and fun of the whole night), shorter, natural hair has so much more freedom. It can also allow more variety in the overall bridal look with showing more details in the dress and jewelry.” By incorporating wedding-worthy hair accessories, like veils, floral accents, and glittering pins and pieces, there are so many special ways for you to rock a lob while still looking—and feeling—like yourself. And isn’t that the whole point?

Ready to be inspired? Browse 27 wedding hairstyle ideas for lobs below.

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