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33 Hairstyles for a Strapless Wedding Dress

by Staff

When it comes to certain types of wedding dresses, it can be difficult to find the perfect hairdo that complements each style. But that can’t be said for strapless dresses. Since these gowns really show off your collarbone and shoulders, they work with almost any type of hairstyle, whether that’s an elegant updo, a chic ponytail, or long and loose waves.

“We always say the dress dictates the style of your hair and makeup—we style the glam to your dress to create balance in your overall look,” say special event hair experts Mariana McGrath and Andrea Ortega Costigan. “The silhouette and neckline of the dress determine if we are going for big hair, sleek, or what shape would be the most fitting. Beyond dress considerations, we help you determine which hairstyle would be a better fit for your specific bone structure, hair type, and what would last best throughout the day depending on the climate your wedding will be in.”

Meet the Expert

  • Mariana McGrath and Andrea Ortega Costigan are the founders of Salt Spell Beauty and have over a decade of experience in the beauty industry.

If you really want all eyes on your dress, choose a hairstyle that gets your strands off your shoulders. Not only is this timeless and elegant, but it’s also comfortable and easy. If you don’t mind leaving your hair down, opt for glamorous waves or curls, or do something more low-maintenance and simple. While all of these looks are different, they’re all sure to make an impact.

Read on for 33 stunning bridal hairstyles for a strapless wedding dress.

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