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34 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides With Long Hair

by Staff

Many brides begin growing out their hair immediately after getting engaged. While manes of all lengths are beautiful, we can definitely understand the allure of longer hair for the big day. Lengthy locks are incredibly versatile—and we’ve rounded up all the inspo looks to prove it!

Cascading curls and romantic updos offer tons of choices for the whimsical bride, while more polished looks like intricate styles and sleek simplicity add structure to the final look. Once you achieve the hair of your dreams, select your favorite to don on the big day. Rapunzel’s got nothing on you!

Even the lengthiest of locks, however, will need a good trim before the big day. “It’s always best with long hair styling to have a haircut that has long layers and face-framing angles,” says celebrity hair and makeup artist Mia Hendrickson. “Keeping hair one length is not ideal for most long-haired bridal styling.”

Meet the Expert

Mia Hendrickson is a celebrity hair and makeup artist with over 15 years of experience in the bridal industry. She is the owner of Mia Farah Beautique.

From raving ponytails to old Hollywood–inspired waves, these 34 styles work perfectly for gorgeous, grown-out tresses. 

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