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5 Mistakes Hairstylists Wish Brides Would Stop Making

by Staff

With all eyes on you, your wedding is one day where you definitely want to look and feel your best. That’s why hiring a team of beauty pros to get yourself (and your wedding party) prepped for the big day is such a common practice for brides. While you may have already hired a stylist, done a trial, and solidified what style you will sport, there are still some essential steps to ensure your hair will look amazing and your wedding day will stay on schedule.

Ahead, hairstylist Anthony De Los Santos, founder and CEO of Dolo Hair, shares some major mistakes brides make ahead of their wedding, and how to avoid them.

Meet the Expert

  • Anthony De Los Santos is the founder and CEO of Dolo Hair. With over 10 years of experience, De Los Santos styles hair for brides, celebrities, and editorial shoots.

Major Cut or Color Changes

“After the trial with your hairstylist, I highly recommend to keep your color relatively consistent and only get trims leading up,” recommends Anthony De Los Santos. “If you plan on making any major changes, definitely communicate that to your hairstylist and plan another trial. Hairstyles can look different on blonde versus brunette hair and chopping a few inches off may impact the style as well. This still applies even if you’re adding extensions!”

Not Being Kind to Your Hair

While many brides might up their skincare regimen before the big day, you also should make sure to give your tresses a bit more love, too. “Whether you’re growing out your hair as long as possible for your wedding or keeping it consistent with your everyday look, being kind to your hair in those few months leading up will make all the difference,” advises De Los Santos. “Being mindful about not mishandling and nourishing the hair is key. I always create a plan with my brides at their trials to ensure we get a great routine going.”

Incorrectly Washing Hair

Whether you’re doing an intricate updo or wearing your locks loose and long, it’s important to properly clean your hair to get the best results. “If your hairstylist has requested clean hair, shampooing properly is ideal,” says De Los Santos. “Shampoo two to three times, get a good lather all over, and condition according to your hair needs (mid-lengths to ends for finer hair and all over for coarser hair). Be sure to detangle your hair while the conditioner is in it. This helps detangle effortlessly and distribute product properly.”

Not Sharing Prep Instructions With Bridal Party

While you definitely want everyone in your bridal party to look and feel their best, properly prepped hair also can make your timeline run more smoothly. “In order to stay on schedule, it is key that your bridesmaids prep their hair according to your hairstylists instructions,” says De Los Santos. “Poorly prepped hair could be: freshly washed hair that is wet or damp when it was asked that everyone has clean dry hair, tangled unruly hair, or extensions that are dirty or tangled. Of course, we can take care of many things that arise. However, jumping ahead of these things ensures that we stay on schedule.”

Not Scheduling Breaks in Your Timeline

When creating the timeline for your hair and makeup schedule, it’s important to consider the needs of your stylists as well. Be sure to supply them with anything they might need, including time to take a break. “Many wedding days can include four to six hours of hair and makeup,” notes De Los Santos. “Most of the time when given a schedule, there are no breaks included. Stylists can always just quickly step away to use the restroom and drink water, however, it’s a better experience for all parties if there is just a 10 to 15 minute break on the schedule where we can step away and no one is hopping in the chair because it’s their time.”

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