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7 Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips to Follow on a Hot Wedding Day

by Staff

Don’t forget the rest of your face! 

Your base makeup is definitely important, but your eyes and lips play a very important role in your bridal beauty look—and if you’re sweating, you could be dealing with running liner, smudging shadow, or smeared lipstick. Lovello recommends using a liquid lipstick for ultimate longevity and so you don’t need to worry about precise touchups throughout the night. “The way I put the [lip] look together, it doesn’t need to be touched except a little gloss,” she adds. 

Using a liquid lip and gloss combination gives you the best of both worlds: color that lasts all day with a hint of gloss for dimension and comfort. “Liquid lipstick underneath extends the wear, but liquid lipstick without gloss ends up getting dry eight hours in,” she explains. “The gloss ‘wakes up’ all the products so you don’t need [to mess with] liner or lipstick. It’s something you can apply without a mirror.” Her top picks to refresh are Buxom’s Full-On Plumping Lip Cream in Blushing Margarita and White Russian.

Sweat isn’t your only concern on your wedding day; tears happen too! When it comes to long-lasting eyeliner, Lovello likes Inglot’s AMC Eyeliner Gel, especially if you like to line your waterline. “A black pencil on your waterline may not last all night and you may tear up throughout the day, but this is going to stay there,” she says.

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