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9 Bridesmaid Nail Art and Shade Ideas for Every Type of Wedding

by Staff

When it comes to bridesmaid glam, we often get so caught up in the details of hair and makeup that the nails become an afterthought. But a manicure is the perfect way to add some personality to a look whilst sticking to color themes, or most importantly, the bride’s requests. 

In past times, brides would generally prefer to keep their crew’s nails pretty lowkey, often opting for a sheer, natural hue. However, since nail art is having such a moment right now, more brides are leaning into minimalist manicure art. Additionally, some brides have individuality at the top of their lists, letting their bridal party go all-out with creative designs. 

Meet the Expert

Julia Diogo (known on Instagram as painted by Jools) is a London-based nail artist known for her mesmerizing minimalism and luxury hand care—with regular clients including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Whether you’re a bridesmaid who has been left to choose your own nail design, or you’re a bride looking for inspiration for your closets friends, we’ve enlisted the help of minimalist nail artist Julia Diogo to help you keep a few things in mind when it comes to choosing a bridesmaid manicure. 

Keep things minimal.

It goes without saying, but by taking on the role of bridesmaid you’re honoring the bride’s wishes, right down to the nails. “Bold and bright colors are definitely a no-no in my opinion,” says Diogo. “If anything, that should be left to the bride if she wants to be a little more adventurous.“

For current brides, be sure to let your bridesmaids know if there’s something you’d love them to wear. If they have free reign to sport what they’d like on their nails, Diogo says “​​a micro french with a clean nude base is most definitely a safe bet for all.”

She also explains that it’s best to let your nail artist choose the best base hue in the vast nudes family for your skin tone, as “one color really doesn’t fit all,” she adds. Diogo loves Biosculpture French Rose for pale skin tones, Biosculpture French Creme for olive/tanned skin, and Biosculpture Spun Out Of Dreams for deep/dark skin tones. 

Choose a manicure that’s suitable for multiple events.

If you’ve received the green light to experiment with some nail art, it’s best to make sure your mani works for all of the wedding events ahead—especially if it’s an entire weekend of celebrations.

When it comes to keeping it fresh all weekend (or week!) long, Diogo recommends getting a gel manicure so there’s no stress when it comes to chipping or losing any shine. But to keep them in the best shape, it’s important to stay on top of maintenance. “Keeping the nails hydrated with lots of cuticle oil and hand cream is also an essential part of the pre-bridal manicure prep.” 

Diogo recommends that brides, and sometimes even bridesmaids, see their manicurist two to three months in advance to shade match, and to try different nail shapes and styles in order to get the perfect design and color for the day.

Whatever your preferences or theme, we’re here to help you find all of the bridesmaid manicure inspiration you need for the special celebrations ahead.

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