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How to Find the Best Hairstylist for Your Wedding

by Staff

There are a ton of places that you can search for a wedding hairstylist, but as a bride, you might wonder where to start. Instead of relying solely on the internet to guide your search for a wedding hairstylist, start by checking in with your current stylist. Chances are they are skilled in doing wedding hair, too.

If your trusted stylist can’t tackle your hair on your wedding day, they can always make a recommendation. And, if that doesn’t lead to a great option, bridal hair expert Ben Skervin shares tips for finding the right wedding hairstylist below.

Meet the Expert

Ben Skervin is a celebrity hairstylist responsible for Ellie Goulding’s wedding day hair.

Use Referrals

Much like using referrals for finding a wedding day makeup artist, you can do the same for booking a wedding hairstylist. If you loved a friend’s wedding hair, then contact their stylist and ask for a consultation. Keep a list of referrals that you have and start at the top. Chances are you will find a hairstylist that you love, and if not, keep reading.

Find Qualified Stylists

Skervin says you need to look at a stylist’s work to make sure that they understand modern bridal hair. “You need a stylist that understands the difference between what people see as classic bride hair—ringlets [or] piled-up hair like a tower—and understated hair—up with beautifully placed flowers or a beautiful brushed out wave. Because you want the latter, trust me.”

Invest In Hair Trials

Finding the best wedding hairstylist takes trial and error. Do some research and gather a handful of stylists whose work looks like it matches the hair that you want for your wedding day. “It’s important to always do a trial a few weeks before so you know you’re both on the same page,” Skervin says. “Also, you have time to replace them if you don’t like the way it’s going. Look at previous work they have done if possible,” he adds.

Make Sure the Hairstylist Understands Your Vision

According to Skervin, it’s essential to have a variation of photos to show the stylist of the styles you love, like, and don’t like. “Make sure you have pictures of your [outfit] so they know what it looks like to complement the whole look.” Skervin also notes that it’s a good idea to think about when you want to get your hair color done. “Don’t leave it till the last minute.”

Be Open to Changes

Even if you have a look that you want for your special day, be open to suggestions from the hairstylist. While you don’t want a stylist to divert from your vision completely, be open to ideas. If you are working with a skilled and highly referred hairstylist, they are familiar with what will look and photograph best. You might even be surprised with their creative vision and love it.

Don’t feel pressured to accept the hairstylist’s suggestions. If you aren’t in love with your hair, then don’t commit to it. Instead, make sure your opinion is heard.

Test Your Trial Hair

The last step in finding your wedding hairstylist is to wear your hair throughout the day to see how you feel. Wearing your hair all day will allow you to decide if you really love the hair or not. If you aren’t 100 percent sure that you see yourself getting married with the hairstyle, then interview a few more stylists.

Another detail you should test is how the hair holds. Is it constantly falling? If so, checking in with the stylist to ask if they can alter it to last throughout the day is vital. If they can’t, then schedule trials with other stylists on your list. Also, be sure that your hair is versatile and able to go from day to night. Chances are, your ceremony will be earlier in the day with the reception to follow. If that’s the case, you want to make sure that your wedding day hairstylist can give your hair some extra details and drama for the reception.

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