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I’m Never Going Back to My Curling Iron After Trying This Curling Headband

by Staff

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Whenever I want to elevate my hairstyle for an event like an engagement party or wedding, my go-to move is to bring out the curling iron. Yet that’s not to say I like curling my hair. It always takes so long and I’m left with frizz and a few burned fingers. And since I’ve entered my blonde phase, I can’t help but feel like I’m frying my bleached locks every time I heat style. That’s why I used to save curls only for special occasions. 

Not anymore. I’ve fallen in love with using Lilysilk’s Silk Curling Headband And Scrunchie Set so much that I’ve kissed my T3 iron goodbye. We’ve all seen those TikTok’s about heatless curls. While I was a little skeptical about using a robe or leggings to curl my hair, when Lilysilk offered to give me a sample of its headband, I thought I’d give it a shot.

My Hair Type

I have long, medium thick hair with lots of layers. Because I regularly color it, I try to avoid heat styling, opting for air drying when I can. When I air dry it, my hair ends up fairly straight with a little bit of a beachy wave. It’s pretty malleable; I can easily curl or straighten my hair with an iron. However, sometimes the curl doesn’t last, so I make sure to douse my hair with hairspray to lock it in place.

About the Product

The set comes with one curling headband and two silk scrunchies. Made from the same mulberry silk the brand uses for its pillowcases, the material is said to reduce frizz, friction, and overall damage while increasing shine. The foam headband is sturdy yet soft enough to sleep on without being uncomfortable or completely falling out of my hair. You can bend it to fit your head and roll it up to store. Coming in three colors— pink, gold, black — the set makes a cute gift for your beauty lover. I even wear the scrunchies during the day since they are chic and gentler than a regular elastic.

How to Use It

I’m pretty familiar with creating heatless waves — I love braiding my hair before bed to create crimped curls — and I’ve learned I get the best results when my hair is about 80 percent dry. If my hair is too wet, it won’t dry overnight and I just wake up with a tangled mess. So before using the headband, I wait for my hair to air dry or roughly blow dry it. Then I part my hair in half and use one of the scrunchies to section it off. I then put the headband at the top of the head near the front and start twirling sections around it from the top. Each time I complete a loop, I grab more hair, moving downwards until all my hair is wrapped around the headband. This part can be a little tricky and takes a bit of practice. Like with using an iron, you don’t want the sections to be too big so that the hair won’t curl. You can use a claw clip to hold the headband at the top if you find it moving too much.

Once all my hair is wrapped around, I use the free scrunchie to secure it. Then I repeat the process on the other side. After all my hair is woven into the headband, I hit it with a shot of hairspray and viola, I’m ready to go to bed. 

The Results

By the time I wake up, a few pieces have fallen out of the headband but that’s ok — most of the hair is still woven. I like to keep it in as long as possible so I do my makeup with it still on — plus it keeps my hair out of my face. When I’m ready to take it out, I simply unravel the scrunchies and slide out the headband. And behold — I have the most beautiful curls. They are bouncy, uniform, and silky without a single patch of frizz in sight. The ringlets are quite tight at first, but they loosen during the day or you can brush or shake them out. Everytime I curl my hair this way, I get so many compliments and the best part is that the look lasts for days. If I have a weekend of events, I can curl my hair on Friday night and be good through Sunday. Just need a spritz of dry shampoo here and there.

Because of how lightweight and malleable the set is, it’s so easy to travel with. You can literally stuff it into the last corner of your suitcase. Traveling overseas for a destination wedding? No need to worry about whether it will fit in the outlet. In case you are crunched on time, you can also use the headband during the day. There’s been plenty of occasions where I’ve washed my hair in the morning, used the headband for a few hours, and boom, I’m ready to go out with glam curls. 

Sometimes I like to follow up with a curling iron for touch ups. That’s the only disadvantage of this headband — you can’t target smaller sections and it tends to create the same style of curls. Nope, this isn’t the iron that will give you beachy waves, crimps, and old Hollywood ringlets all in one.

But I usually just go for classic curls anyway, and this is the best way to get them. I’m not slaving away at a hot iron, worried about if I will finish my head before the event or if the curls will last. I just let the headband do all the work while I go to sleep.

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