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The 30 Best Wedding Day Manicures Based on Your Bridal Style

by Staff


All White

If you’ve started wedding dress shopping (or you’ve ever painted a wall), you know there are about 2,000 shades of white—eggshell, ivory, porcelain, dove—you name it. Great news: all of them make for a wonderful, classic bridal manicure. Even if the white you choose for your nails isn’t exactly the same as your dress, your look will still be clean and timeless. 

Naked Nails

A fully naked nail is about as timeless as it gets, and you won’t have to stress about auditioning nail polish shades before the big day. Plus, this style comes with a little extra treat. Book a spa manicure with no polish the day before your wedding to get your nails shaped up, cuticles cleaned, and skin pampered and moisturized so your hands look fresh and healthy.

Nude All Over

A nude nail is kind of a little black dress (only, you know, nude). It goes with absolutely anything and it will always look polished—you just can’t go wrong. Neutrals vary from person to person, and it’s up to you on how many shades away from your skin you’d like to go (or if you want an exact match). Generally, we recommend adhering to warm or cool colors based on your skin tone. 

Classic French

French manicures went into hibernation for a few decades, but they weren’t the kind of trend we looked back on and cringed about (and for good reason). It seems the style is here to stay, so it’s a good bet for a traditional bride as they look clean, elegant, and timeless.

Change up your French manicure by playing with your nail shape.

Red Hot

A red nail is so timeless that it’s basically neutral. If you’re a classic bride with a love of all things Audrey Hepburn, a deep, sexy red is Holly Golightly-approved. If you look better in warmer reds, try Chanel Le Vernis in Gitane. If you prefer cooler reds, try Chanel Le Vernis in Pirate.

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