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The Best Beauty Products for Your Wedding

by Staff

While weddings certainly looked different this year, one thing didn’t change: Couples getting married still want to look and feel their best. In 2020, beauty was more than skin deep—it became a form of self-care, a way to do more than dress up your outside and actually help soothe what was inside. 

Whether masking at home, getting a restful night’s sleep after putting out yet another planning fire, or doing a virtual makeup trial for the worth-the-wait wedding next year, it was the little moments that made us feel not only beautiful but normal. And normal was a very coveted feeling this year. 

Over the past nine months, our editors (like you!) were all just looking for those little things that, accumulated over time, made all the difference. Whether that was a skin serum that made our skin glow—who needs makeup on Zoom, anyway?— or a CBD gummy that made us simply chill. 

Which is why, for our Brides Beauty Awards, we’re doing things a bit differently in 2020. Why not? It was a year like no other, and that rings just as true for beauty as it does for weddings.

This year, we tapped a few insider friends to help us narrow down the best in beauty. From GlamSquad’s Artistic Director, Giovanni Vaccaro, to bride-to-be and influencer Lauren Elyce, Blushington Director of Education Brittany Scott, and beauty expert Lindsey Metrus, Senior Editor at our sister site Byrdie (she even did her own wedding makeup!), our guest judges know a thing or two, and they are sharing their picks with you.

Here, the 55 best beauty products for your wedding.

The Best Skin Care Products for Your Wedding

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Why I Love It: “My skin is so sensitive that I try to stay away from anything too acidic in fear of major redness. This is literally the only radiance-boosting product that works with my skin. I usually use it once a week, and the immediate results are like a post-vacation glow! An added bonus is that it smells amazing, it’s like my end-of-week self-care treat.”—Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

Why I Love It: “This antioxidant vitamin C serum is like sunshine in a bottle. It smooths and brightens the skin’s complexion while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And while it may have a hefty price tag, one bottle goes a long way.”—Samantha Netkin, Senior Editor

Dr. Sturm Hyaluronic Serum

Why I Love It: “As someone who has sensitive skin, it’s been challenging to find products that are both firming and non-irritating. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that after a few weeks of consistently using Dr. Barbara Sturm’s hyaluronic serum, there was a noticeable difference in the amount of fine lines I had and my skin felt more plump and hydrated than ever. If you’re looking for glowing skin before, during and after your wedding day—this serum is a no-brainer.”—Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

Why I Love It: “It’s called a “rescue cream” for a reason–this cream soothes my skin after long days in dry air, lots of makeup, too much alcohol, and acid treatments. With ceramides and a blend of six African oils, it’s the perfect night cream, especially when your skin is under wedding stress.”—Kathryn Vandervalk, Editorial and Strategy Director, Byrdie and Brides

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

Why I Love It: “Dry lips? No problem. Sleep with this mask on and you’ll wake up with hydrated, non-flaky lips—even in the dead of winter. I’m so addicted that I use it at all hours of the day as lip balm.”—Anna Price Olson, Senior Editor

Tan-Luxe Illuminating Drops: The Face

Why I Love It: “Consider these illuminating drops the secret to an easy, at-home glow-up. They are moisturizing on their own, so either apply them directly on your face or with your daily moisturizer for a v natural, far-from-orange tint. You’re in control of the dose: think two drops for light skin and as many as 12 for a true sun kissed look. Oh, and there’s no need to worry about staining your sheets!”—Anna Price Olson, Senior Editor

Augustinus Bader, The Cream

Why I Love It: “The hype is VERY real when it comes to cult-beloved Augustinus Bader. My theory is always: if it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for me. After only one week of use I can honestly tell you my skin looked brighter and more even toned. Dark spots faded, fine lines are barely visible. And while the rich cream is a bit too much for my sensitive skin, The Cream hits just right. It’s worth every penny.”—Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V

Why I Love It: “This is a product worthy of a group thread to all your friends. Mine are already in the BR cult—and according to their (many!) reviews, they’re all glad they joined. “The p50 lotion is a toner that has made my skin smooth, even, dewy, and clear and my pores are nonexistent,” says one friend. ” I’m almost to the point where I don’t need makeup—a couple more months of using and I’ll be there! Lives up to the hype! 10/10.””—Anna Price Olson, Senior Editor

Olive & June Poppy

Why I Love It: “A product that left me asking, ‘Where have you been all my life?’ The Poppy can turn any sloppy painter into a bonafide manicurist. The patented tool slips over the cap of nearly any nail polish bottle, making it easier to paint your nails with both your dominant and non-dominant hand. I promise it will make your at-home manicure look like you just stepped out of the nail salon.”—Maggie Kreienberg, Associate Editor

Adwera Turmeric Glow Bar

Why I Love It: “I’m so happy I discovered 54 Thrones because their products are truly unmatched. The founder, Christina Tegbe, set out to create a line of clean beauty products inspired by the rich African culture and it shows. The glow bar uses all natural ingredients like turmeric, rosemary oil, lavender oil and more to leave you with hydrated and glowy skin. Plus, the ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that help even out your skin tone, too!”—Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

Maharindee The Change Maker Face Serum

Why I Love It: “My skin loves all-natural products, and with CBD, Squalane oil (my total secret weapon oil), Sweet Almond oil, Argan, and Grapeseed oil among the ingredients, this new gentle serum is life-changing. I plop on a few drops before jade rolling and it’s seriously a spa experience at home.”—Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask

Why I Love It: “I not only use these for myself almost every morning, but I give them to every bride that sits in my chair. These cooling eye masks de-puff, hydrate, and remove dark circles making your eyes look like you’ve had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I keep them on for 15-20 minutes and the results are instant!”—Giovanni Vaccaro, Artistic Director, GlamSquad

Shani Darden Texture Reform

Why I Love It: “Celeb-facialist Shani Darden’s texture reform is the perfect alternative to retinol for sensitive skin types like myself. As the name promises, the texture of my skin is certainly improved after regular use, and goodbye to fine lines!”—Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

Beautycounter Counter+ Charcoal Facial Mask

Why I Love It: “I never understood the power of a charcoal mask until now. The Counter+ Charcoal Facial Mask from Beautycounter purifies and clarifies the complexion. Featuring salicylic acid and charcoal powder, it is the perfect product to add into your skincare regimen. I use this mask 1-2 times per week for a mini spa-night at home. Definitely a must-try.”—Lauren Elyce, blogger and bride-to-be

The BeautyRx Progressive Peel 2 Step

Why I Love It: “This is my favorite go-to skincare product. It keeps my skin smooth, bright, and even in tone and texture with its glycolic acid exfoliating my skin.”—Brittany Scott, Director of Education, Blushington

Jaxon Lane Bro Mask

Why I Love It: “For a man whose skincare routine consists solely of a quick cleanse in the shower, this sheet mask left my brother’s skin looking hydrated and bright after just 15 minutes of wear. It even lead to a smoother, cleaner shave, making this low maintenance mask the perfect product for a groom looking to freshen up in a flash before heading to the altar.”—Maggie Kreienberg, Associate Editor

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Pads

Why I Love It: “I count these peel pads as part of my “skin emergency” arsenal. Whenever I (accidentally) sleep in my makeup or notice a considerable amount of congestion, they act as an eraser for blackheads and whiteheads—they even dissolve milia. The secret is alpha and beta hydroxy acids, as well as retinol to exfoliate away dead skin and buildup as well as chamomile and green tea to help soothe the skin in the process. Since they’re a bit intense (I never use them daily—once a week at most), I would start trying these a few months before your wedding to see how your skin will react.”—Lindsey Metrus, Senior Editor, Byrdie

Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum 40

Why I Love It: “These single-dose ampoules are derived from snail secretions and contain a natural growth factor that improves wound healing, which is also useful for collagen production and anti-aging. You’ll often see them used in clinics, and personally by dermatologists, which speaks to its proven regenerative benefits. Just one use will yield supremely glowy results and is a must the night before your nuptials.”—Lindsey Metrus, Senior Editor, Byrdie

The Best Hair Products for Your Wedding

Flower Beauty Volumizing Styling Brush

Why I Love It: “To tame my unruly hair, I’ve historically used a straightening iron. In an effort to grow long, healthy locks for my wedding, I’ve stopped using an iron but could still use a bit of control. This styling brush does just that without damaging my strands.”—Samantha Netkin, Senior Editor

Glamsquad’s The Untamed Texturizing Finishing Spray

Why I Love It: “The most popular product in Glamsquad’s collection, The Untamed is my secret weapon. I use it on everyone that sits in my chair because of the instant volume and texture that it creates for any and all hair types. The Untamed is perfect for ladies craving beach waves, second-day hair or effortless updos. The best part is that we formulated the spray with good-for-you ingredients, like açaí and babassu oil, that won’t make your hair feel sticky or tacky, while leaving out parabens, sulphates and phthalates.”—Giovanni Vaccaro, Artistic Director, GlamSquad

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Why I Love It: “The fact that I’ve gone from washing my hair every day to just a few times a week is single-handedly due to this product. This dry shampoo fights grease like a pro and gives my locks volume when they need it most—sans residue. Plus, it smells divine.”—Maggie Kreienberg, Associate Editor

Ouai Medium Shampoo and Conditioner

Why I Love It: “If you want your wedding day hair to look shiny and lush, let me show you the Ouai. (Sorry, I had to!). For starters, celebrity hair queen Jen Atkin is behind this brand that features sulfate-free hair products full of healthy vitamins. Next, the brand literally caters to not only your hair type, but also your lifestyle with a hair quiz that leads you directly to the products your hair would beg you for if it could speak. And, finally, after just one week of using my recommended formula (Medium Shampoo + Medium Conditioner), there was a noticeable difference in how soft and sleek my usual frizzy hair was! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention how refreshing it smells!”—Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

Purology Style + Protect Soft Finish Hairspray

Why I Love It: “Being from the South, I’m a total hairspray gal. This one is light and brushable so it keeps my thin, fine hair in place without making it look like it’s covered in product, which it indeed is! “—Anna Price Olson, Senior Editor

ORIBE Imperméable Anti-Humid Spray

Why I Love It: “This rec comes from my best friend, who says this product is her BFF. It keeps her hair super straight, prevents frizz, and even stops it from expanding when it’s humid. Plus, it smells amazing!”—Anna Price Olson, Senior Editor

TRESemme TRES TWO Extra Hold Hair Spray

Why I Love It: “My favorite for a good hold! This keeps every hair in place in place without leaving hair crunchy.”—Jaz Ortiz, News Editor

The Best Makeup Products for Your Wedding

Artís Elite Makeup Brush Set

Why I Love It: “Looking to achieve an airbrushed beauty look at home? Artís makeup brushes do just that. This set includes five brushes to create a full face of makeup: foundation and concealer, eyes and brows, and even lips. Not to mention, the sleek and chic silhouette immediately elevates any vanity.”—Samantha Netkin, Senior Editor

LAWLESS Summer Skin Velvet Matte Bronzer

Why I Love it: “This matte bronzer from Lawless is probably my most used makeup product. Whether I’m rocking a more natural look or getting dressed up for a date night at home, I love the golden glow I get from this clean bronzer. Free from harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens and phthalates, what’s not to love?”—Lauren Elyce, blogger and bride-to-be

Benefit Cosmetics Give Me Brow

Why I Love It: “I’m guilty of ’90s brow-overplucking and this is the only product that remotely restores my brows to their pre-Kate Moss era fullness.”—Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil

Why I Love It: “This is my favorite brow product. It’s thin pencil ensures that my brows will be perfectly filled in without making them too thick.”—Brittany Scott, Director of Education, Blushington

Urban Decay Setting Spray

Why I Love It: “Consider this the perfect final touch to your wedding day beauty look because once you have it on, NOTHING can ruin your MUA’s hard work. Plus, unlike other setting sprays that will leave your face feeling wet or sticky, the Urban Decay All-Nighter has a matte finish that almost improves your look by giving it an airbrushed feel…without drying you out! So, don’t worry about letting those happy tears flow or getting sweaty on the dance floor, I promise you’ll look flawless no matter what thanks to this product!”—Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

Uoma Beauty Mascara

Why I Love It: “This mascara was inspired by Josephine Baker, known for her vivid, dramatic lashes. Though it’s suitable for all lash types, it was formulated specifically for the lash concerns of BIPOC women, after the Uoma Beauty founder was frustrated with the other mascaras on the market not meeting her needs. It’s flake-proof, smudge-proof, water-resistant, vegan, and cruelty-free.”—Kathryn Vandervalk, Editorial and Strategy Director, Byrdie and Brides

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

Why I Love It: “This cult-classic lippie has made it on many award-winning lists for a reason. The matte, nude-pink shade creates the ultimate ‘I-tried-but-not-too-hard’ look that works for a wide range of complexions. The ‘Pillow’ effect is thanks to 3D glowing pigments that give the illusion of wider and fuller lips.”—Jaz Ortiz, News Editor

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade

Why I Love It: “I am no pro when it comes to filling out my eyebrows, but WOW, does the DipBrow Pomade make me feel like I am. The creamy texture makes it easy to start light and then build as needed depending on whether you’re going for a natural look or a more bold look. I also prefer this pomade over any other pencils or gels because of how easy it is to define and blend it to really create the perfect brow shape. It also dries to the perfect matte finish, so you can trust your brows to look good from your ceremony to the after-party!”—Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

Why I Love It: “A foundation that lives up to its name, this weightless liquid slides onto skin like silk, creating a canvas that both looks and feels natural. And even better news for the brides, the formula (which comes in 35 shades!) was designed for all-day wear so you can go from the first look to the last dance without worry.”—Maggie Kreienberg, Associate Editor

NARS The Multiple

Why I Love It: “This has been my secret weapon product for over a decade! In any shade (I’m personally prone to the South Beach) the Nars Multiple is guaranteed to up the glow factor. For me, it’s that Michelle Pfeiffer-cheekbones that can cut glass thing. Without this highlighter, I am nothing.”—Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer

Why I Love It: “This concealer is a life-changer. With barely any product I’m able to effectively cover darkness under my eyes without detection.”—Brittany Scott, Director of Education, Blushington

FENTY BEAUTY by RihannaFace & Body Kabuki Brush 160

Why I Love It: “This is the best brush I’ve come across for blending my makeup seamlessly. If you want a smooth look without having to keep going at it with your brush, this is the one. And it’s a fraction of the price of some professional brushes.”—Jaz Ortiz, News Editor

Marc Jacobs Glow Away Dewy Coconut Face Luminizer

Why I Love It: “I fall in love with new highlighters all the time, but I’m fairly certain this iteration will be a mainstay for years to come (so long as they keep making it!). It’s essentially healthy skin in a tube—just a few dots on the cheeks and forehead somehow simultaneously blurs and energizes the skin, like you’ve just gotten the best facial of your life. I’m always amazed how quickly my entire complexion seems to shift as soon as I put it on.”–Lindsey Metrus, Senior Editor, Byrdie

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VII Eyeshadow Palette

Why I Love It: “Run, don’t walk to buy this eyeshadow palette because this brand has a cult-following and I now fully understand why. I’ve never seen eyeshadow have such a soft texture, but such a high pigment, too! I’m pretty sure this palette is going to last me forever. Plus, it’s perfect for any wedding day because the range of colors lets you achieve so many looks—from glittery glam to au naturale and even a bold matte look!”—Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

The Best Wellness Products for Your Wedding

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

Why I Love It: “As someone who lets stress get the best of her, I’m always on the hunt for CBD products that will chill me out…and nothing does it for me like Lord Jones’ CBD Gumdrops! Each box comes with nine insanely delicious gumdrops that each contain 20mg of broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD and all you really need is one to make you feel an instant zen. It’s the perfect treat for when you’re about to sit down and start wedding planning or for when it’s 3 AM and you just can’t stop thinking about your seating chart. Thank me later!”—Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

UMA Pure Calm Wellness Oil

Why I Love It: “This blend of Roman chamomile and lavender essential oils is the ultimate stress reliever. Before bed, I rub a drop or two between my hands, hold them up to my nose, and take a series of deep breaths. It’s become one of my favorite nighttime rituals.”—Samantha Netkin, Senior Editor

Rae Wellness Energy Capsules

Why I Love It: “These capsules are my go-to for long days when I need an extra boost of afternoon energy. Their no-jitters, no-crash formula helps get me through the day without keeping me up at night, the caffeine content equivalent to a cup of green tea. Plus, the Vitamin B-12 is helps replenish and flush your body after alcohol consumption. This kept me energized when I was a bridesmaid through days of drinking festivities.”—Kathryn Vandervalk, Editorial and Strategy Director, Byrdie and Brides

Wildling Aura Stone

Why I Love It: “This little gem—it’s made of Bian stone packed with 40+ minerals—sounds to good to be true but, ladies, the results are SOLID. It’s used for lymphatic drainage of the face, in effect reducing redness and puffiness, defining the jawline and cheekbones, and generally lifting the appearance of your skin. (It even works on a double chin!)”—Anna Price Olson, Senior Editor

Vital Proteins Collagen Powder

Why I Love It: “I’ve been using the Vital Proteins Collagen Powder for a little over a year now and I can’t believe I went so long without it. Whether I’m mixing it into my morning cup of coffee or adding it to my post-workout green smoothie, this is hands down one of my favorite wellness supplements. With 20g of collagen, this easy-to-use powder makes it that much easier to support your hair, skin and nails!”—Lauren Elyce, blogger and bride-to-be

Proper Sleep Supplements

Why I Love It: “The pain of not getting a good night’s sleep is unfortunately a familiar feeling for me (anyone else a light sleeper?!). But these supplements have shown me that true beauty rest is possible—and I have my FitBit sleep stats to prove it!”—Maggie Kreienberg, Associate Editor

The Honeypot Menstrual Cup

Why I Love It: “This menstrual cup is a sustainable, latex-free option for all your menstrual needs. It offers 12 hours of protection and can even be used for overnight wear.”—Kathryn Vandervalk, Editorial and Strategy Director, Byrdie and Brides

Folie Palo Santo + Peru Balsam All Purpose Mist

Why I Love It: “I am absolutely obsessed with this spray. I’m fairly sensitive to any fragrance and this mist is so refreshing and calming. I use it as a room mist, a yoga mat mist, a meditation mist, even as a perfume. It literally changes my mood!”—Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

The Best Fragrance for Your Wedding

Monique Lhuillier Eau de Parfum

Why I Love It: “Monique Lhuillier’s first-ever fragrance was crafted with brides in mind. It has notes of bergamot, freesia, rose, and lily of the valley and is the perfect balance between sweet and sensual.”—Samantha Netkin, Senior Editor

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau De Parfum

Why I Love It: “Tom Ford should only know that I’ve recommended this fragrance to just about everyone I know. Honestly, I’ve never received more compliments on my scent than when I wear Tobacco Vanille. Its modern, spicy and warm fragrance is perfect for both men and women and feels luxe and sophisticated. A little goes a long way and I generally wear this more often in the fall/winter months because of the creamy tonka bean and vanilla scent.”—Giovanni Vaccaro, Artistic Director, GlamSquad

Aerin Rose De Grasse

Why I Love It: “This perfume is my prized possession. I have two bottles at home—one in my bedroom and one in my bathroom—and spritz it on nearly every day of the year. It’s definitely for flower lovers but I think its fragrant, rose-focused scent would be especially fitting alongside a fragrant bouquet on your wedding day.”—Anna Price Olson, Senior Editor

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Why I Love It: “I’ve worn this fragrance for over 5 years now and, trust me, I try to find new ones that smell as good…and I just can’t! I always come back to this classic romantic smell of Jasmine and Rose. I love that all I need are a few spritzes and I’m good to go all day long. It’s such a subtle-but-addicting perfume that I would definitely choose to wear down the aisle.”—Maggie Kreienberg, Associate Editor

Kai Body Lotion

Why I Love It: “If you’re not a fan of cake-y lotions, this one’s for you. It feels light and organic to the touch but once on the skin, it’s totally moisturizing and smells amazing. Not to mention: It’s cruelty free, vegan, and comes in recycled packaging.”—Anna Price Olson, Senior Editor

The Best Beauty Tools for Your Wedding

Ziip GX Series Nano-current Device

Why I Love It: “The Ziip is a miraculous little device. Between the stress of quarantine, and just the fine lines that aging has blessed me with, my glow has slowly faded—enter the Ziip to save the day. There’s something for everyone with several different app-connected micro-current treatments available, but for me it’s an instant pick me up and when used regularly it makes a huge difference.”—Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

BURST Oral Care

Why I Love It: “One of the most important parts of any pre-wedding beauty routine is taking care of your teeth! I mean, you’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear throughout your entire wedding day, so you’ll want them to look their best. This is where BURST Oral Care comes in! Kylie Jenner endorsement aside, they’re the best out there. They’ve worked with thousands of dentists (98% female!) to bring an electronic toothbrush that does it all–it whitens your teeth with its charcoal bristles, does a deep cleaning by letting out 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute and it even has a “sensitive” mode! One week after using it and it was goodbye manual toothbrush…forever.”—Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

ghd Soft Curve Curling Iron

Why I Love It: “My ghd iron is essentially a third arm at this point, so much that I’m fairly confident I could curl my hair without a mirror. It delivers the perfect curl or wave with no “hot spots” as the barrel heats up evenly (and rather quickly!). I curled my own hair on my wedding day because no stylist seems to get it just the way I like it, so if you’re also taking the DIY route, I highly recommend this perfect tool.”–Lindsey Metrus, Senior Editor, Byrdie

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Kit

Why I Love It: “Facial toning is the new facelift—non-surgical, of course. NuFace is popular for its contouring devices that not only tone but reduce wrinkles. The Trinity uses Micro-current and LED light therapy technologies to achieve this. The key is to stay consistent since NuFace boasts of clinical trials that show results over regular use in as little as five minutes a day.”—Jaz Ortiz, News Editor

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