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This TikTok Viral Lip Stain Lasted Through 5+ Hours of Eating and Drinking—and It’s $8 Through the Weekend

by Staff

If your bridal look calls for a rosy lip or a sculpted cheek, K-beauty brand Peripera can help you transform into a blushing bride. Ink The Velvet Lip Tint, Amazon’s top-selling lip stain, with over 28,000 4-star reviews, can double as a cheek tint, making it perfect for touch-ups on your big day. The long-lasting formula is known for its intense pigmentation, lasting for over five hours of eating and drinking—we know because we’ve tried the formula ourselves. 

We also love the versatility of this TikTok obsession—which we’ve seen used as a cheek tint for an extra sculpted look. Insiders at the brand explain it’s a wedding favorite, coming in clutch for touch-up moments. The already affordable product is having a flash sale on Amazon through the weekend, and because the Ink The Velvet Lip Tint comes in 30 shades, we recommend taking advantage of the discount and trying out a few choice shades until you land on your favorite. The full range of nudes is extremely popular—Cinnamon, Milky, Strawberry, and Rosy Nude are just a few options—and at this price, we suggest snagging them all.

The Formula: Long lasting and pigmented

The formula comes in two different finishes, matte and glossy. The matte formula has a bit more versatility because it can double as a cheek tint and comes in 30 shades, while the glossy formula has more shine, and comes in three shades, including a clear option.

Shop now: Peripera Ink The Velvet Lip Tint, $8 

This is closest to a liquid lipstick, but wears with the ultra-pigmentation of a lip stain, which accounts for its longevity. We love that the Peripera formula is creamy and rich, so it feels more like a mousse than traditional K-beauty lip stains, which are typically more watery and prone to settling into the cracks and crevices of your lips. This formula on the other hand is so rich and quick-drying, it wears without creasing for hours on end.

Shop now: Peripera Ink Glasting Gloss, $10

If you’re looking for more of a glazed pout, consider this product, which launched in the fall (the name derives from what you get when you combine glow and lasting). It’s available in three shades, including clear, and is formulated with hydrating oils like mango, olive fruit, and jojoba. We also love the diagonally shaped, large tip applicator for easy no-look application. You can layer the long-lasting gloss over the matte tint for a multi dimensional bridal look. 

We love both of these lip products for bridal party gifting, but the Ink Glasting Gloss in Clear001 is a universal hit that can work on everyone. 

The Deal

The Ink The Velvet Lip Tint is on sale for 20 percent off and the  Ink Glasting Gloss is on sale for 30 percent off on Amazon, now through May 15.

Final Verdict

At this discount, Ink The Velvet Lip Tint and Ink Glasting Gloss, will sell out quickly, especially in popular shades. We love the longevity and versatility of this K-beauty product for a range of bridal looks.

Why Trust Brides

Jill Di Donato is Brides’ Associate Editorial Director, Commerce, and has over 15 years experience as a beauty writer and editor. She’s tried out the entire range of Peripera lip products, and is partial to the 03 Chilling Rosy Ink Glasting Gloss as well as any of the rose nude Ink The Velvet Lip tint shades.

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