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10 Beautiful Wedding Head Table Ideas for Spring

by Staff

Planning a beautiful wedding is all about the little details—place cards, floral arrangements, lighting, linens—and one of the most exciting details for a couple to look forward to is creating a stunning head table for the reception portion of the day.

What Is a Head Table?

A head table, in the context of a wedding, is the table where the married couple sits for dinner during the reception, usually placed in a prime location within the reception venue. The head table can take different forms, but typically includes the couple seated in the center flanked by members of the wedding party.

If you’re planning a spring wedding and want your head table to reflect the season, there are so many fresh ideas to make this table seamlessly fit in with your décor and color scheme. You might be planning to feature spring flowers, like peonies, ranunculus, or tulips, consider incorporating these into the head table by decorating the chairs or prominently featuring the flowers in a floral centerpiece.

Spring colors are also a great way to spruce up your head table. If you’re turning to color schemes like soft jewel tones or pastels, think about adding pops of color through linens, porcelains, name cards, or a colorful backdrop.

Ahead, find our favorite ideas for creating the perfect spring-inspired head table at your wedding reception.

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