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12 Unique Ways to Display Your Wedding Memories at Home

by Staff

Your wedding memories are something to cherish forever, so it’s not uncommon for couples to keep sentimental keepsakes like the top tier of the wedding cake in the freezer for a year, the wedding dress preserved nicely in a box, or a photo album stored away. But, Fallon Carter of Fallon Carter Weddings and Events prefers to think outside of the box in the attic—literally. 

“Think deeper and long term, and think how this piece can be integrated into everyday life and carry on into the future,” Carter says of creating wedding keepsakes. “I want to touch it, see it, feel it, and engage with it often, as that gentle reminder. As Marie Kondo says, when you pick it up does it bring you joy?”

How does one do that? As a wedding planner, Carter says she and others in her field are typically pretty tuned in to knowing which pieces of the wedding the couple might want to save. The menu, place cards, and guestbook are some easy ones to start with.  

“Most of our couples do have some type of guest book and that’s the most important thing,” she says. But, if you know you might want to display your guestbook at home after the big day, she suggests being a little creative and whimsical. For example, one couple she recently planned for is big into games, so they created a special ping pong table for the wedding reception and had guests sign that instead of a book. Now it’s in their home to use and enjoy all the time. In another instance, the bride and groom were wine aficionados, so they kept the corks from the wine bottles to create a corkboard for their home. At Jewish weddings, sometimes the shards from the Chuppah glass get turned into pottery. 

For bride Katie George, inspiration struck while scrolling Instagram, and she decided she wanted to keep and dry her bouquet to later display in her house. Now, it hangs pressed in a frame at the end of her hallway as an eye-catching piece when guests enter.  “It’s all about the story you’re going to tell because these are usually conversation pieces when people come over to your house,” Fallon adds. 

Feeling inspired? We’ve rounded up a dozen unique ideas for creating beautiful pieces from your wedding memorabilia to display at home.

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